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Emergency Nursing Mastery Course

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Emergency Nursing Mastery Course

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You know first-hand the challenges of being an emergency nurse…
One of your patients died, one had a baby, and another overdosed…
Sound familiar?

Day to day you face patients that experience trauma — physical abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, traffic accidents — the list is endless. Clinical skills are vital, but you also have to detect when something “just isn’t right” because you could be missing the bigger problem or even creating a life–threatening situation if the patient isn’t telling you the truth. And when law enforcement gets involved, a nurse’s documentation is crucial in court…

Keep yourself AND your patients safe.

This self–paced online course combines years of experience and offers insight on the most challenging patients & situations to accelerate your learning and give you the confidence to handle any situation.

Three hand–selected experts with extensive experience in clinical, forensic and substance abuse settings give you 25 hours of online video content containing:

  • Advanced Clinical Skills for: Trauma, Toxicology, Burns, Cardio & Neuro Emergencies
  • Management of Patients Experiencing: Abuse, Sexual Trauma and Domestic Violence
  • Reduction of Legal Risk: What to Expect, How to Document and Court Room Competencies
Here’s what you’ll learn in this comprehensive online course:
Emergency Nursing Boot Camp
  • Patterns of ischemia, injury and infarction on a 12–lead EKG
  • Cardiac disorders that carry increased risk of sudden death
  • Relationship between ventilation and perfusion
  • Conditions that require a chest tube
  • Assessment findings in clinical syndromes that may progress rapidly and cause life-threatening conditions
  • Anatomy and physiology of the neurological system and how this manifests in physical symptoms
  • Potential causes and remedies for life–threatening electrolyte imbalances
  • Three–step method to interpreting arterial blood gasses
  • The oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve, pulse oximetry readings, So2 and pO2 values
  • Signs, symptoms and treatment modalities for four different classifications of shock
  • Systemic inflammatory response syndrome and the spectrum of septic shock
  • The coagulation cascade and laboratory values associated with disruption of normal function
Forensic Nursing: The Harsh Realities in Every Patient Care Setting
with Pamela Tabor, DNP, MNSc, RN, Advanced Forensic Nurse
  • Intentional and unintentional injuries
  • Child abuse and maltreatment issues — abusive head trauma, unexplained infant death, SIDS and infanticide
  • Ways to protect patients, yourself and your institution
  • Correct (and incorrect) process of evidence collection
  • Factors associated with vicarious trauma and strategies to combat this
  • Evidence-based intimate partner abuse screening tool
  • Unforgettable case studies
Substance Abuse Among Medical Patients: A Hidden Truth
with JeanAnne Johnson Talbert, DHA, APRN-BC, FNP, PMHNP, AOCN, CARN-AP
  • Epidemiological trends of substance use disorders and how they affect our medical patients
  • Pharmacology of presently abused substances
  • Terminology used for street drugs today
  • The neurobiology of substance abuse
  • Screening for substance use disorders
  • Medical complications associated with substance use


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