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Eben Pagan – Online Relationship Marketing

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Eben Pagan – Online Relationship Marketing


The Business Landscape
Has Changed.
Business has taken a big switch from something impersonal to something inherently personal. In the past, businesses and customers had a very transactional type of relationship.

You give me a product and I give you money in exchange. Thanks for doing business. Have a nice day.

That’s not the case anymore.

People want to buy from people
they know and trust
Today, customers have a much more personal relationship with the companies they do business with. They want us to be their friends, their advocates, their allies. They don’t just want someone looking to get something from them or sell something to them.

The reality is…

Most people won’t buy the first time they see your product, service or land on your website.

Research shows that a person needs to see your product or service 7 times in order to make a purchasing decision
They’re wary about buying from new places. They’re jaded by negative buying experiences in the past. So they need time to get to know you, your brand, and your products. And they want to have some type of relationship with you before they buy.

Bottom line is:

Building strong relationships with customers isn’t optional for the long term success and profitability of your business anymore.
In other words, if you want to succeed in today’s marketplace and build a sustainable company that earns you money for the long term, then you need to know how to build lasting relationships with your customers.

If you don’t know how to build relationships with customers then you won’t have a sustainable lasting business. You’ll essentially be building your business on sand.

You won’t be able to maintain a consistent flow of sales.

You’ll always be paranoid and stressed because you won’t know when or where you’re next sale is coming in.

You’ll always be at risk of having your competitors poach your customers.

And perhaps most importantly, you’ll be making a FRACTION of the sales, profits, and income from your business that you could be right now.

On the contrary…

If you know how to build relationships with your customers, then you’ll be able to build a very sustainable business that pays off for the long term.
You’ll have a solid foundation that provides you the security that you want.

You’ll be able to maintain a consistent flow of sales and repeat buyers because you’ll have a loyal customer base to sell to again and again.

Ultimately, you’ll be making alot more money and creating a business that gives you the freedom, peace of mind, and lifestyle that you want.

Online Relationship Marketing
Online Relationship Marketing is my top selling audio training program that teaches you the ‘modern methods’ customer relationship building.

You’ll learn about the art, science, and psychology of building relationships and business friendships with your customers.

You’ll discover how to leverage the power of the internet and modern technologies available to create a loyal fan base of customers who know, trust, and buy from you again and again.

You’ll learn how to strategically followup with your prospects and your customers to quickly boost sales and maximize your customer lifetime value for all your products and services.

Program Details
Online Relationship Marketing is a 100% digital training program, which means you’ll get instant access to the entire program right after you order. All the material is available for streaming online or you can download it to your computer or iphone for offline or on the go access.

What’s Included:

7 Jam Packed Audio Training Sessions – You can stream these online or download to your computer to take on the go. Perfect for your commutes.

Quick Reference PDF Summaries of each session containing the most important points in the program – Easily reference the course materials as you apply what you learn

Practical real world exercises and worksheets to implement what you learn fast

Here’s a small glimpse at what you’ll learn:

Session 1: Modern Methods Of Customer Relationship Building

Session 2: Your Customer Avatar

Session 3: The World Of Relationship Based Marketing

Session 4: Content Marketing

Session 5: Moving the Free Line

Session 6: Key Marketing Elements To Include In Any Marketing Piece

Session 7: Planning The Prospect’s Experience

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