[Pre Order] Dyslexia Improving Performance & Building NEW Neuropathways

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Dyslexia Improving Performance & Building NEW Neuropathways

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Dyslexia Improving Performance & Building NEW Neuropathways

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The overwhelming frustration a person with Dyslexia goes through knowing what they want to say or do, but not being able to express it on paper or get the words out, socially withdraws them in an attempt to hide their struggles…

But Dyslexia is not just letter reversal!

It is time to shift our mindset from approaching Dyslexia as only a reading impairment and start to consider the overall medical concerns! And when looking for the optimal treatment option for a person suffering with this learning disorder, not one discipline can successfully work with Dyslexia as it is made up of many characteristics and underlying circumstances.

That is why we brought together 2 hand-picked experts, Mary Asper MS, CCC-SLP and Penny Stack, OTD, OTR/L, CLT, to go beyond reading interventions to offer this collaborative training experience. Join Mary and Penny in our NEW Dyslexia Online Course as they share a combined 60+ years of experience to dive into the various layers that make up Dyslexia.

Current neurological research and information will be applied to the diagnostic attributes to help you plan the most effective interventions to support sound/symbol awareness, reading comprehension, social interaction and executive function. This dynamic, information-packed course will teach you strategies and methods for helping students diagnosed with dyslexia improve academic performance and social interactions:

  • Strategies to improve academic skills, organization and social interaction
  • Techniques to teach phonemic/ phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, comprehension and written expression
  • Simple ways to use technology to enhance traditional learning methods
  • Games, stories and activities to engage & strengthen performance across modalities

With this Online Dyslexia Course, you will walk away with treatment ideas that will incorporate the use of client-centered everyday routines, games, technology, sensory and hands-on approaches to help your client overcome the challenges of life with dyslexia.

  • Discover 5 secret signs of dyslexia no one ever told you
  • Increase ability to recall multi-step instructions, letter sequence, lists or tasks to complete
  • Improve grades, written and verbal expression to align with IQ
  • Turn everyday games and routines into successful treatment

You will leave this course with a comprehensive outlook on Dyslexia, as more than just reading!


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