David Vallieres – Crypto Market Forecast for 2021 | Instant Download !

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David Vallieres – Crypto Market Forecast for 2021 | Instant Download !

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David Vallieres – Crypto Market Forecast for 2021 | Instant Download !


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  1. My total crypto market analysis predictions for the upcoming year in a 21 page report
  2. Individual forecasts on BTC, XRP and my #1 Crytpo Pick for 2021 (a surprise)
  3. My person views the total crypto market and where I think it’s going in 2021
  4. Charts you can use with my predicted price movements as guide for the entire year
  5. MY opinion on the SEC case against Ripple and what it means for XRP
  6. Where Bitcoin is likely going in 2021 and where the ‘Bitcoin anti-government and anti- central bank revolution’ is right now
  7. How to Time the CRYPTO market like a PRO
  8. Why BITCOIN is leading the market and when it will FALL
  9. 2021 targets on BITCOIN, XRP and my #1 CRYPTO pick.
  10. What the LOW will be for XRP and why it will be a potential huge opportunity

1st Annual Forecast Report On Crytocurrencies

Will there be a bull market in 2021? Will alts finally catch up with Bitcoin?

What are the major factors in 2021 affecting prices?

I’m the guy who correctly called the alt coin rally in June 2020 and the decline in XRP BEFORE the SEC news came out.

Don’t let the opportunities in 2021 catch you by surprise.

There will be HUGE opportunities coming, but only if you’re prepared.

My report will give you the patterns that will likely occur in the market “In advance”!

It’s every investors dream to be able to pick the TOPS and BOTTOMS in every market.

There’s one chart that I have used that is not 100% but pretty darn close to 99%! in picking the EXACT tops and bottoms in the crypto market within a few weeks of it happening!

I share the chart with you and go into detail on how it works!

That’s powerful.

This report is over 22 page long with detailed analysis, charts and commentary.

The chart above is one of the most important charts in the report and one that every one in crypto investor should have and use as a guide.

I do not say that lightly, it is THAT important.

You will be STUCK and CONFUSED if you do not understand this chart.



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