[Pre-Order] DaBen and Orin – DaBen’s Light Body Consciousness Course: Level 5 Being, Beyond Experience-Choosing to Express

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DaBen and Orin – DaBen’s Light Body Consciousness Course: Level 5 Being, Beyond Experience-Choosing to Express

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DaBen and Orin – DaBen’s Light Body Consciousness Course: Level 5 Being, Beyond Experience-Choosing to Express


Light Body Consciousness Part 5: Being, Beyond Experience; Choosing to Express

Welcome to DaBen’s Light Body Consciousness Level 5:
Being, Beyond Experience-Choosing to Express

This series of courses teaches you skills you need to navigate and live in higher dimensions of light.
Read people’s comments and/or listen to them talk about the Light Body Consciousness courses.

In Level 5 you will go more deeply and fully into expressing “you”, being, and absorbing beyond your experience. You will explore more of experiencing the Immense Space and Oneness with this expansion of your ability to move to “being”. We will explore new ways of “thinking”, solidifying new ways to use energy levels to be who we are. From this transition to new ways of being you can discover what it can mean to express who you are at levels beyond the ordinary reality of the earth plane.

You will explore what “being” is, and then go beyond experience, so that for brief bits of time, you can move into “beyond experience” to recognize that you have a being that is beyond your experience. You will discover more about “you” at other levels of being, explore their expression all the way down to ordinary reality, with as few gaps as possible, as clear a reflection as possible of who you are at higher levels, so you can choose to express your greater sense of you.

You will look at what choosing to express means, both consciously choosing, and beyond consciously choosing as well. You will look at what you are choosing to express—is this expression fully or partly reflective of you, at as many levels as you have consciously touched? The more aware you are of the other aspects of your energy and the other resonances that are going on, the more skill you gain in expressing your energy, creating shifts, living in purpose, and manifesting what you need to accomplish your purpose.

What is Light Body Consciousness?

Duane: Light body consciousness offers you a powerful opportunity to accelerate the evolution of your consciousness. This can result in many very direct and dramatic positive impacts on your personal life, as you can notice from the comments of people who have completed these courses.

DaBen and I have created the Light Body Consciousness courses, starting with five progressive levels which offer you an extraordinary opportunity to learn how to enter states of consciousness where time becomes non-linear and simultaneous, where you can sense your presence throughout many other dimensions, your perspective of your earth life expands to include your lives in other dimensions, your mind is still, divine love is seen shining through all events, and cause and effect change in their meaning.

You will learn how to change
the nature and structure of your awareness.

With light body consciousness, you will be going inside your own consciousness to understand how you experience and construct your reality. You will learn how to change whatever you choose about your perceptions–you can deepen your intuitive awareness and experience innovative ideas that put you in a higher flow and open up life-changing possibilities.

With light body consciousness, you can understand more about the nature of reality and who you are beyond your ego. You begin to have enough consciousness in these “enlightened” spaces so that when you return to ordinary reality you can experience yourself in new ways, including shifts in your perspectives, understandings, relationships, and manifesting skills.

The light body consciousness states are experiences of moment-to-moment awareness. They allow you to see your life through many different perspectives, giving you creative and expanded insights into the potential of your life, relationships, career, and whatever you focus on.

Light Body Consciousness is unity, harmony, and flow
between you and all the energies around you.

Light body consciousness opens up into infinity; you can experience level after level of expansion of your awareness. With light body consciousness you have an increasing ability to discover and manifest new paths and directions. You no longer need to be trapped by resistance, old patterns and habits, or aspects of your awareness that create struggle. As you understand the nature of your consciousness and how to change it at a higher energy level, this can result in positive changes in every level of your life and being.

These courses are the light body on a grand scale, with a planetary and extra-planetary perspective. Each of you who participates is making a difference in the group consciousness and potential shift for humanity. DaBen is grateful to have you and a large and growing group who is ready for this level of work, for all the potential it will open up for humanity.  From the expanded perspective of light body consciousness, you can view your earth life and purpose with greater awareness and understanding. You can learn how to radiate light to your earth plane presence–your personality–and to the earth plane itself.  

You are pioneers in opening the potential for humanity to unfold a new awareness of individuality that will allow greater peace, harmony, cooperation, and unity between individuals and all life. As you move through the Light Body Consciousness courses, I expect that these states that we will be playing with will become more stable for you as pioneers of this work, and for all who will follow and are ready for this shift.

Light Body Consciousness greatly expands your choices. 

You can more effectively choose how much energy you want to put into various activities, and to invest in certain forms. You become aware of new ways to carry out your purpose that are more effective and efficient. You can experience how free you really are to create an abundant, loving, and purposeful life.

There is so much potential in every moment–the potential for shifting energy, for opening and expanding into new awareness and understanding, the potential for expressing the higher energies in ways that bring you joy, love, abundance, and fulfillment–that once you become aware of this potential you can continuously experience your life in new and wonderful ways.

You can learn Light Body Consciousness from the Light Body Consciousness courses, Levels 1 – 5. In addition, there are two courses you can take to explore aspects of Light Body Consciousness, (without needing to take the first five levels) called Exploring Connections With Light Body Consciousness and Manifesting From Light Body Consciousness. These two additional courses come with a quick overview of the first five Light Body Consciousness levels, and are actually levels 6 and 7 of the Light Body Consciousness course.

DaBen and I look forward to our connection to you as you transform your life with light body consciousness. ~ Duane


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