Cheryl O’Neil – Advanced Imagery | Instant Download !

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Cheryl O’Neil – Advanced Imagery | Instant Download !

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Cheryl O’Neil – Advanced Imagery | Instant Download !


Salepage : Cheryl O’Neil – Advanced Imagery

Be more! Go beyond it! Power up your practice and your life!

This workshop increases your facility with Spoken FreeStyle Imagery, and gives you breakthrough processes for “hit-a-wall” client issues – the stuck places, conflicts, and those big block obstacles. You will know what to do as you help clients move forward more easily and allow for positive changes.

With this Advanced Guide Book Chapter, there are more journeys to help build the client up from within, which create more inner strength, self-love, and resilience for meeting life’s demands. Relationship issues are handled with expertise by using the E&P Way of Being Reconcilable Differences Journeys.

Plus, get ready for next level progress with that all important imagery resource, The Wise One. And, meet another beneficial super supporter, a Can-Do Motivator, the Coach Within.

Again, there are demonstrations and practice throughout the course to help you gain more control of developing your Facilitator skills. This Advanced Chapter includes over 20 journeys and processes, complete with how-to explanation. All journeys are written in both E&P languages.

Prerequisite: You must have already taken the Therapeutic Imagery Certification.

In this Advanced Imagery Course you will receive:

  • Over 3½ hours of streaming video instruction
  • 114-Page Advanced Imagery Workbook (PDF)
  • 365 days of unlimited access
  • 4 CEU Hours of AHA Continuing Education
  • AHA Advanced Imagery Continuing Education Certificate

Advanced Imagery Course content includes the following and more:

  • Come to Know About it Obstacle Discovery
  • How do You Want to Feel Instead Discovery
  • Point of View Discovery – Three Ways
    • Two Paths Walk and Talk Journey
    • Meet Up Journey
    • Vertical Lift Journey
  • E&P Relationship Imagery
    • Recall A Time Journey
    • Through The Eyes of the One You Love Journey
    • Higher Nature into Future Pace Journey
    • Secrets of Successful Relationship
  • Excellent Self Journey
  • Through the Eyes of the Wise Journey
  • Restoring the Heart Journey – Imagery help for trauma, PTSD, and more
  • The Wise and The Child Within Journey
  • Physical Within and Emotional Within Journeys
  • Workshop Applications
  • Discover about the Obstacle – Partners Practice
  • Point of View Journey – Partners Practice
  • Demonstrations and Instruction
  • Group Experience

Prerequisite: You must have already taken the Therapeutic Imagery Certification.


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