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Centreofexcellence – Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma Course

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Centreofexcellence – Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma Course


What Will You Learn?
The Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma Course guides you through the various energy systems of the body and how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and tapping (theoretically and practically), Thought Field Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology for both yourself and in the treatment of clients with various conditions.

The course begins by introducing you to the history and background of Meridian Psychotherapy. This covers how the meridian system was discovered and created, where the meridian points are located, which pressure points and how yin and yang energies are used in Meridian Therapy, the different energy types, and the five elements and their characteristics.

From learning about what Meridian Psychotherapy is, you will discover how it is applied through the use of Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Applied Kinesiology. You will learn the uses and techniques of each of these during the course.

The Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma Course takes you through the theory of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), covering its history and benefits, the creators of EFT and their backgrounds, the ‘Discovery Statement’, and the basics of putting EFT into practice.

You’ll be guided through the location of the various tapping points on the body and the techniques to use, including what each technique is used for and how to do them. This includes a practical walk-through that you can apply to yourself and information on how to tap discreetly in public, to calm yourself and return to a state of emotional equilibrium.

EFT can be used for more than regulating emotional imbalance. Based on many of the same principles as acupuncture, EFT can be used in the treatment of PTSD and trauma, phobias and fears, anxiety and depression. The Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma Course explains how.

Another part of EFT and Meridian Psychotherapy is the use of reminder phrases and affirmations. You’ll learn how these tools can be used to treat emotional distress, the problems with positive affirmations and why ‘even though’ affirmations are used in EFT as ‘set up’ phrases and how they are constructed.

Although you can use what you learn from the Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma Course to treat yourself, the course also explains how to treat clients. You’ll learn how to mix Meridian methods with other healing and treatment modes, how to provide a therapy session, tapping circles and how to create them, how to teach tapping, and post-session aftercare you should provide.

If you are serious about opening an EFT practice, there are some basic factors that need your consideration before you begin setting up. The course explores these with you, covering areas such as location, pricing and specialisations, legal issues, and how to market your practice and find clients who require your services.

Taking your understanding of the subject even further, the Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma Course includes research studies that have impacted and support the practice of EFT and Meridian therapies. You’ll also explore 3 case studies of EFT that show how it has aided clients with period pains, severe acid reflux, and even cancer.

Course Syllabus
What will I learn on the course?

Certified Course
Accredited Course

Module 1 – What is Meridian Psychotherapy?
4 parts

Module 2 – How is Meridian Therapy used?
3 parts

Module 3 – Introduction to EFT
3 parts

Module 4 – Tapping
3 parts

Module 5 – Reminder Phrases and Affirmations
3 parts

Module 6 – EFT for Different Conditions
4 parts

Module 7 – Treating Clients Using Meridian Psychotherapy
4 parts

Module 8 – Running Your Own Practice
3 parts

Module 9 – Support for the Method
3 parts

Module 10 – EFT Case Studies
5 parts

Who Would Benefit from This Course?
The Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma Course is perfect for anyone interested in the energy systems of the body and how knowledge of them can be used to heal, with particular focus paid to the use of EFT and tapping, Thought Field Therapy and Applied Kinesiology in the treatment of various conditions.

Whether you are completely new to energy healing or have knowledge of other therapies within this form of healing, this course will give you the knowledge and practical techniques you need to work towards further certification, provide the base for further research or perform tapping on yourself.


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