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Centreofexcellence – Ancient Magic Audio Course

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Centreofexcellence – Ancient Magic Audio Course



What Will You Learn?
From wearing make-up, braiding your hair, making soap, or creating candles; ancient magic is already a part of you. Find out how much of your daily life comes from traditions and beliefs passed down through the generations, and how to perform your own ceremonies, rituals and spells, with the Ancient Magic Diploma Course.
The Ancient Magic Diploma Course begins by introducing you to the history of the practice, from roughly the 2nd Century BCE to 1324AD, and three important icons of Ancient Magic – Medusa, The Witch of Endor and Petronella de Meath, whose stories have been passed down through the ages and around the globe.
You’ll explore the ancient magic of the Picts and Celts of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Through studying Celtic history, you will learn the magical reasoning behind makeup and tattoos, and the importance of the Celtic knot and having braids in your hair, along with learning about 3 important magical symbols.
To our ancestors, the earth and the seasons were revered. Monuments were built as interpretations of the world around them and spiritual and magical importance were found in naturally occurring materials and events. Through the Ancient Magic Diploma Course, you’ll discover the 12 major stones used in ancient magic, the magical uses for crystals, and the importance of certain times of the year. Hawthorne, sage, and chamomile were considered to be sacred by our ancient ancestors. You’ll learn some of the recipes, magical uses, and medicinal properties of these 3 herbs.
Deities are a very important part of the ancient magical belief system. You’ll learn who these deities are, what they represent, and how they can help us in our everyday lives. You’ll explore the magical significance of the Gods and Goddesses, how to work with them, the 3 most important deities in ancient magic and how to use spells and charms.
Through the Ancient Magic Diploma Course, you’ll look at the 3 most important events in a person’s life: birth, marriage, and death, and look at their significance in ancient magic. Additionally, you’ll learn how to perform the ceremonies related to each: Name Blessing ceremony, Handfasting ceremony, Funeral service.
You’ll gain an understanding of the importance of air in ancient magic – particularly the breath and the use of incense. You’ll also look at how specific words can be very powerful when spoken in a certain way and what the origins of these words are.
Fire is another important element – honoured and respected by our ancient ancestors, with candles used to perform some of the most powerful types of magic. You will not only learn of its symbolic significance and its sacredness but also how to make candles – using varying materials depending on their magical purpose.
Not as widely known as other forms of divination, the Ancient Magic Diploma Course teaches you the art of cloud casting. You will learn about the 10 most important clouds and how their formations hold the answers to our innermost questions.
Ancient Magic Diploma Course
Course Syllabus
What will I learn on the course?

Module 1 – Ancient Iconic Women of Magic
5 parts

Module 2 – Celtic Ancient Magic
3 parts

Module 3 – Ancient Way of Life
6 parts

Module 4 – Ancient Herbs
3 parts

Module 5 – Ancient Magic Belief Systems: Deities
3 parts

Module 6 – Ancient Magic Practice
3 parts

Module 7 – Ancient Magic: Air
2 parts

Module 8 – Ancient Magic: Fire
3 parts

Module 9 – Ancient Magic Auguries


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