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Centreofexcellence – Addiction Therapy Diploma Course

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Centreofexcellence – Addiction Therapy Diploma Course


What Will You Learn?
The Addiction Therapy Diploma Course has been created with the goal of enabling you to understand both ‘traditional’ addictions and other behaviours and negative lifestyle choices, and how to overcome these afflictions with positive action.

This online Addiction Therapy Course introduces students to the subject by concentrating on the nature of addiction itself. Students will understand basic human needs in relation to addiction and how therapists approach addiction, along with sharing scientific findings and psychological studies that explore how some people are affected, while others are not.

Recent findings in the area of alcohol addiction are presented to students; increasing understanding with up-to-date knowledge, alongside general ideas of the hows and whys of alcoholism. Students will also learn about drug addiction highlighting that the addictive nature of medications prescribed by doctors can be just as addictive as illegal drugs, despite the social implications of each being different.

You will look at the common destructive patterns of any addiction, and how to recognise these. Specific lifestyle addictions, such as smoking, food, particular ingredients, chocolate, coffee, and gambling are all covered.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (often abbreviated to CBT) and other progressive methods, such as Mindfulness, which have proven to be effective therapy tools in the battle against addiction also feature in-depth in this addiction conselling course.

The course explains the ‘six stages of counselling therapy’ and discussing the action area of therapy and how you can aid your client to make positive changes.

Finally, the course shows you setting up as an Addiction Therapist, with various business-related topics discussed, such as the legalities, finances, marketing and business plans, and more; everything you need to know to build a highly successful small business.

Course Syllabus
What will I learn on the course?

Certified Course
Accredited Course

Module 1 Addiction
5 parts

Module 2 Alcohol
7 parts

Module 3 Drugs and Medications
6 parts

Module 4 Lifestyle and Food
8 parts

Module 5 Therapy Tool Overview
7 parts

Module 6 Therapy Outset
4 parts

Module 7 Client Empowerment
5 parts

Module 8 Career and Business
5 parts

Who Would Benefit from This Course?
Whether you are considering taking the course to overcome your own addictions or as someone who wishes to help others, the Addiction Therapy Diploma Course will help you to understand the nature of addiction and just how broadly it applies, and how various therapies are used to combat addiction.

You can use the course to improve your knowledge and go on to pursue qualifications in counselling, for your personal education or to gain CPD hours.


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