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Brett & Ashley Nobles – Six-Figure Location Rental Business.

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Brett & Ashley Nobles – Six-Figure Location Rental Business

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What if you could earn extra
income with something you already have?
What if that side income soon replaced your main income? What if it doubled? Tripled? Paid off your mortgage or rent?

What if you could leave your job and be your own boss, giving you more freedom to travel, spend time with family, explore your passions and live life on your own terms? And what if you could do so without a fancy degree or Silicon Valley business savvy?

Well, that’s what we did and we’ll tell you exactly how we did it.

In fact, we earn anywhere from $500 – $6,500 per day from each of our daytime location rentals, and all from properties we don’t even own.

It’s all possible thanks to the emerging industry known as The Sharing Economy. What is that?

The Sharing Economy is providing or sharing access to goods or services through a community-based online platform aka online marketplaces. You’re probably familiar with several examples already: Airbnb, Uber/Lyft, Rover, Postmates, PoshMark/Tradesy and LendingClub, just to name a few.

Because of this, more people have the ability to make money as a product or service provider in addition to consumers having instant access to these goods and services at their fingertips thanks to smart phones and the all powerful internet.

The most exciting part is, we are shaping the global economy by simply learning how to best leverage ourselves and what we already have access to in order to generate income.

The Sharing Economy as a whole is projected to increase by at least 40% in the next three years.

Ride share app, Uber, is the perfect example of how quickly this growth can occur. A simple idea can completely transform the very fabric of our economy, disrupt an age-old industry (conventional taxis) all while creating an affordable and efficient way to get around and get paid: ride share.

Let’s look at the numbers. Uber stats as of September ’18








And besides your car, what is the most expensive commodity that you use everyday and pay for every month?

Your home!
Now, what we’re about to share with you isn’t exactly rocket science, brain surgery or some uber complex, top secret methodology that you’ve never heard of before.

In fact, we’re fairly certain you’re familiar with these strategies to some degree; just blissfully unaware of how much money you could actually be earning with them.

And herein lies the problem: it’s not that no one knows these strategies exist; it’s that no one knows how much money they can make or how to do them.

But like you, three years ago, we didn’t know about any of this either until we heard about a thing called Airbnb. Now, before you roll your eyes hard enough to see your own assumptions, let us finish. The story only begins here…

A friend explained to us we could make money by letting other people stay at our place overnight, and since everyone was always saying what a cool place we had, it seemed like a viable little side hustle.

Of course we had a few questions: How exactly did it work? Was it safe? What about our personal things? Was our landlord going to be okay with it? Was it legal? Where would we stay while someone was at our place?

But we weren’t exactly in any position to turn down any money at the time, so we went for it.

The Plan? ​​​

Charge $250/night for guests to stay in our 1bedroom loft while we stayed somewhere else for $100/night which would earn us a net profit of $150/night.​

​We’d pack our lives into our car every time our place got booked, then rinse and repeat until we had dug ourselves out of the gaping pile of debt that our wedding, cross-country move & job lay-off all within 6 months had put us in.

But constantly moving from place to place, day after day, week after week, month after month was stressful and exhausting.

The $150/night was nice, but we started to question whether it was worth the amount of work and stress we were putting ourselves through.

And just when we were ready to call it quits, one of our Airbnb guests changed our lives with a single question:

“You guys ever allow photo shoots in here? I need a place to shoot some content for my website and love your spot. I can give you $500 for a couple hours?”

Wait, what?! Was this guy serious– $500 for a couple of hours? He had just paid us $250 to stay at our place for a full 24 hours. Does he not understand basic math or the fundamentals of simple economics? Suit yourself buddy, we’ll take it!

And the rest is history.

Instead of netting $150 for a full 24hrs ($6.25/hour) on Airbnb, we started charging $150 per hour.

People were paying to use our place for all sorts of things: photoshoots, team meetings, small gatherings, baby showers, commercials, movies, dance rehearsals, music videos—you name it!

Most days we were walking away with anywhere from $700-$1,000 just for unlocking the door, showing some people around and then coming back a few hours later to send them on their merry way. It would take a FULL WEEK on Airbnb to make that kind of money and that’s if we got lucky.

And the best part? We didn’t have to find somewhere else to stay overnight. Hallelujah!

As you can probably imagine, it didn’t take long for us to realize the insanely valuable opportunity in front of us, so we decided to turn this ridiculously easy, ridiculously fun and ridiculously profitable side hustle into a full blown business.

We initially told ourselves we’d be happy if we could live in our LA apartment for the price of what we paid back in Ohio.

$2,750 –> $800 which gave us ≈ $2,000 monthly goal

It seemed ambitious at first, but we were up for the challenge and curious to see how this would play out.

Turns out we weren’t nearly ambitious enough…

Month 1: We made $1,600 which was close to our goal & still life-changing for us! Did we mention we were dead broke?

Month 2: We nearly tripled that by making $4,300

Month 5: We neared the $10,000 mark and felt UNSTOPPABLE!

Fast-forward three years and business is booming! We average $30k-$40k per month and we don’t even own our place—we rent! Our apartment literally pays US to live there. How many people can say that?

Now, we don’t say that to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the gravity of this business and what it’s capable of doing for those who have the right knowledge and know-how.

To date, we’ve hosted well over 300 bookings including television and film production, photo shoots, parties, showers, workshops, events, off-site meetings, rehearsals, group meet-ups, performances, proposals, coworking and more! Some of our clients include Warner Brothers, NBC, ABC20/20, Facebook, Microsoft, Reebok, Adidas, BuzzFeed, Hugo Boss, E! Network, Variety, Fuse TV, Simple Human, True TV, Complex Magazine, ShoeDazzle, Doritos, PacSun, Daniel Wellington, FiveFour, InstaCart and hundreds more.

If so, you could try to go at this alone by:

Determining which rental type is best for you and your space

Partnering with other space owners if you don’t have a space of your own to use

Figuring out how and where to best market the space to actually get it booked

Trying to prepare/decorate the space

Figuring out how to close a booking/sale for the highest rate

Struggling to get 5-star ratings that build a lasting reputation in the marketplace

Playing with your pricing to remain competitive yet profitable

Juggling to manage your calendar with multiple bookings & locations

Accumulating all of the legal documents & considering tax ramifications to protect yourself, your space & your business

Location rentals are not complicated or scary! In fact, they’re a lot of fun, and we’ll show you how possible it is to build a wildly successful location business whether:

You rent, own or don’t have a space at all

Your space is small or large

Your space is “pretty” or “ugly”

You live in a big or small market

You have experience with real estate

You have experience starting a business


We dive deep into the four main rental utilizations: production, events, off-sites & co-working.

We cover the many different types of spaces that work well with this business model & the utilizations they are best suited for.

You’ll learn how to identify the hidden value of your space in its current state & how to market it accordingly.

We’ll also show you how to enhance the appeal your space for optimal rental income.

Rental Utilizations

& Your Space

Unit 1

How to set pricing & financial goals that can help you earn a minimum of $500-$1,000 for 1 full day of “work.”

How to setup your space to properly accommodate the various types of bookings and number of guests.

How to advertise your space with free professional photos, attention-grabbing headlines and a killer description that will make customers want to book your space the second the click on it!

Setup & Marketing

Unit 2

The best practices & standard operating procedures you’ll need to know to ensure excellent service & five star reviews:

Before the booking

During the booking

After the booking


Enhance customer experience & and reduce your headaches by preventing & resolving issues before they arise.

Host Development

Unit 3

Business Management

Unit 4

Unit 4

Business Management

We give you the tools you need to manage your calendar & stay on top of scheduling (it can get MESSY & confusing!)

Learn how to get paid & the corresponding tax considerations to prepare for.

Legal documentation & suggested practices to ensure your business & property are protected with the proper legal & liability coverages.


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