[Pre-Order] Adam Chan – Pragmatic Martial Arts – Core Self Defense 12 Volume Set

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Adam Chan – Pragmatic Martial Arts – Core Self Defense 12 Volume Set

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Adam Chan – Pragmatic Martial Arts – Core Self Defense 12 Volume Set


Adam Chan – Pragmatic Martial Arts – Core Self Defense 12 DVD Set
Adam Chan’s Core Self Defense Series is the result of almost 25 years of research, training and pressure testing to find out what really works in a fight. Adam believes that in order to consider any form of self defense complete it MUST address the following topics.
•    Awareness And Avoidance Of A Potential Attack
•    De-escalation
•    Development Of Strong Attacks
•    Pre-emptive Attacks
•    The Ability To Finish The Fight
•    Escape
•    Post- Fight Trauma
Listed in order of priority, this list provides the framework for Core Self Defense.
This DVD set also has a unique layout that has yet to be seen in an Instructional Self defense series. Each DVD is broken down into the following three parts to make sure you absorb the most out of each lesson.
1.    Detailed Introduction to the Ideas and concepts of the lesson
2.    Step-by-step Instruction to the techniques and strategies with several variations of each technique so you can choose the one that fits you best!
3.    An Interview with Adam Chan where he addresses the most frequently asked questions asked about that lesson.
This is a critical non-biased look at fighting – dissecting many aspects in order to come up with a fighting system that is not only simple, direct and effective, but can be learned by any able-bodied person. The system not only covers the physical side of self defense, but also the often forgotten mental aspects such as:
•    The Effects Of The Adrenaline
•    Dealing With Fear
•    How Criminals Choose Their Targets
•    Set-ups And Traps That Criminals Use
•    Instinctive Pre-fight Rituals
•    How To Recognize An Imminent Attack
•    How To Use Dialogue To Your Advantage
DISC DVD SET Includes:
1. Power Punching
This lesson teaches the fundamentals of how to develop explosive powerful punches by using proper body mechanics.
2. Power Kicking
This lessons gives you the tools to develop a kick that easily snap a leg and end the fight.
3. Pre-Emptive Punching
The pre-emptive strike is known in the world of self defense as “the only consistently reliable self defense technique”. But that is only if you know when and how to do so. This lessons you not only how to throw an effective pre-emptive attack, but how to tell if your attacker is about to strike by watching for a few tell-tale signs.
4. Pre-emptive Kicking
Pre-emptive kicking goes into the concepts and exercises that allow you to use your feet to end the fight before it even begins.
5. Counter Punching
The drills and exercises here show you what to do when you are on the defensive, and must counter a punch to avoid getting hit.
6. Countering the Restraint
What do you do if a larger person grabs you? What about a bear hug? Or a wrist lock? This lesson will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to deal quickly and effectively with such an attack.
7. Countering the Tackle
With MMA (mixed Martial Arts) being the latest craze, more and more people want to take the fight to the ground. In a street fight it is not only dangerous to fight on the ground, it can be downright suicidal. Countering the tackle shows us how to spot a tackle in its earliest stage giving us time to respond and stay on our feet.
8. Counter Kicking
At the right distance, a single kick sustained to your knee or groin could be enough to cause permanent injury. In Counter Kicking, Adam teaches you how to safely respond to and deal with a kick from your attacker.
9. The Obstruction
When on the offensive you’re bound to have some of your attacks blocked. This DVD shows you how to continue your attack without becoming susceptible to counters.
10.The Cover
When on the offensive, your attacks will cause your opponents body to trigger one of a few “flinch responses”. The cover is the most common as it is very effective in reducing the amount of damage sustained. This lesson will show you how we can use it’s predictability to choose our targets and end the fight.
11.The Evasion
When we are forced to fight, we must not let up until the fight is over or until we have made enough time for an escape. Giving your attacker any breathing space will allow him to recover (and probably pull a weapon). This lesson deals specifically with preventing your attacker from getting the second chance he needs to turn you into a victim.
2-in-1 DVD: (This bonus gift contains two lessons in one!)
Multiple Opponents
The days of dueling are long gone, and the one-on-one scenario has unfortunately become a rare sight. The reality of multiple opponents is an extremely dangerous one if not prepared. Adam gives you the concepts and training it takes to escape a multiple opponent situation in one piece.
Defending Against the Ambush
How do you defend yourself from an attack when you don’t even know its coming? This lesson contains practice of concepts such as environmental scanning and situational awareness. These ideas ALONE could keep you from being the target of an attack.
Core Self Defense DVD Training Manual
This manual takes the guess work out of creating an effective training schedule. This manual contains six months of progressive workouts that are outlined to help you make rapid improvements in your training.
What do other martial artists say about Adam?
Steve Smith
Leader/ Inheritor of Fook Yeung Chuan
There are very few people in the world who I am willing to recommend people to for training and Adam Chan is on the Short list of that Short List. Adam Chan’s skill in personal self defense, traditional and non traditional martial arts is exceptional and his caring for society at large puts him at the top. As one of Adam’s students a person can expect to develop exceptional ability in methods that will work in the real world, (almost too well). If you are interested in developing that kind of skill and are open to think about the moral side of training you would have to go far to get comparable training.
Sifu Lamar M. Davis II
I would highly recommend Adam Chan and his teaching/learning materials to anyone who is interested in learning serious self defense! Adam is a great instructor, and can not only teach it, but more importantly … DO IT! His approach to teaching and training is very similar to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. Similar enough, in fact, to catch my attention, which is not an easy task as long as I have been in the martial arts! If you get the chance to train with Adam, by all means do so! I highly recommend it!
Micheal Quijano
Muay Thai Champion, Wing Chun Sifu
I want everybody to know something here. I am not saying this because of any politics whatsoever. Adam, is a great young martial artist. He reminds me in many ways of Tommy Carruthers, Mike Lee, Bruce and a few others. Adam, is on the verge to becoming a great martial artist period. People who train with him or know him are blessed. I learn from his postings and the things that he demonstrates, but most of all, he is a class act. He knows what martial respect is all about. What a blessing in our generation to have such a true martial artist not afraid to test the waters himself, yet maintain respect for his teachers and others. I always wish him the best in all of his endeavors.
Tom DeFelice
Great Practitioner in methods of Jesse Glover and the Late Ed Hart (students of Bruce Lee)
Adam is a highly innovative martial artist with the ability to take simple ideas and make them functional. Through hard work and persistence, Adam has reached an impressive level of skill while developing his own “way” and applying it to real self-defense. Most importantly, Adam is a humble guy without a giant ego. I highly recommend Adam’s instruction to anyone who is looking to learn realistic and effective self-defense.
Michael Banaag
Instructor of James DeMile Tactics (student of Bruce Lee)
When you look in places like youtube, or in martial arts in general, there are always people, even big names in the martial arts world that try to talk big, try to sound knowledgeable, and portray themselves as “the man” with all the answers. Then you see what they look like when they actually execute technique and it’s not very impressive. Adam IS impressive! His technique is straight to the point, no non-sense, and just sharp! What makes him even more impressive is that his thought process regarding not just martial arts, but more importantly self-defense, mirrors his technique – straight to the point, no non-sense, and sharp! And the greatest part about Adam, too, is that, to me, he’s never come across as the guy who has to act like he’s got all the answers. There’s a humility that rings with a saying I remember being taught growing up, “those who DON’T really know speak loudly. Those who DO know, don’t have to speak.” Luckily for the martial arts and self-defense world Adam is willing to share and speak, but ultimately…he doesn’t have to.
Sifu Mike Smith
Yi quan / Natural Gate Boxing , 30 years experience
Adam Chan. Of all of the hundreds of people I have trained in my life as a teacher of applied combat skills, you have excelled beyond anyone. If either of us was concerned about lineages and stuff it would be all on you.
Ian Sinclair
Hsing I, Ba Gua, Tai Chi Instructor, 9X Push Hands International Champion
This is one of those guys who has trained and researched 10 hours per day for twenty years and continues to evolve.? His material is concise, effective, and applicable to every style.
Shane Escher
Champion Golden Glove Boxer, MMA
I come from a family with mixed martial art backgrounds but my primary focus was on boxing due to the nature of the sport and its simplicity when it comes to picking up techniques and putting them to immediate use. I boxed competitively for many years and although I enjoyed the competitive nature of the sport, my primary initiative when joining was for discipline and self-defense.
Adam is well versed in martial arts and takes a pro-active approach in training. Many of times, you find yourself in a bully or multiple assailant situations. Unlike a competitive sport, your primary focus is to beat your opponent to the punch and get to a safe place to avoid further altercations.
Adam’s approach is just this. His style and techniques are unique and 110% effective. Upon initially meeting with Adam, I fell prey to his demonstration! Having a boxing background, I was over confident and immediately thought size does matter when I implemented my boxing skills. Adam implemented a counter-attack and I did not know how to react. His flow and style was always a step ahead and prior to me initiating an attack, he had already implemented his counter strike!
I was very impressed with his methods and became a true believer in what Adam is trying to teach. He [Adam] is no nonsense and picks his students wisely. He is not willing to train those who do not have the desire to learn or are just interested in becoming fit or getting a good workout. For this, you can go to a fitness center. Adam’s interest is in picking individuals who have a keen interest in learning effective self-defense and discipline skills.
Pierre Hartmann
Instructor of Jesse Glover’s Non Classical Gung Fu
I do not know Adam personally, but from what I’ve seen, his ability in martial arts is awesome. I am impressed with his accuracy, speed and direct moves. But especially his skill on efficiency for his size. It seems his personal style fits perfect for his body type. Keep it up !!! you already got great skill.
Kevin Desrochers
Former Boxer, Kali Stick Fighter, Hsing I Chuan, Wing Chun man
I first met adam in nov 1997 after looking at virtually every school I could find in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver Area). I just happened to mention to a friend at work what I was looking for, to which he said you should call this guy – “he is like Bruce Lee super good and a great guy.” I called Adam that very minute. After a quick chat on the phone we set up a time. I had a hard time finding his house and was late for our first meeting,(not a good start). He buzzed me in I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door, and a 5’2 kid with glasses and a crew cut answered the door, I followed him into the kitchen/livingroom. I guess the look on my face showed my doubts, and Adam just said “hit me any way you can, as fast as you can”. Now, after going to other schools with the whole “ok attack me with your right hand, at this angle please and at this speed” thing, I looked at him like “come on now”, Adam said “really…just go for it”. I did and the next thing I know, I saw a flurry of punches and I was tied up in a knot with Adam looking down at me. I had a look of disbelief on my face and he said “ok then, do it again”. This time I tried even harder to hit this little guy to teach him a lesson, well the result was the same thing as before. Before I could move I was hit and the next thing I knew, I was somehow kinda under his kitchen table. Well I was sold, I asked if I could join he said “yes” and 14yrs later I am still with him.
As a martial artist he is unlike anything I have ever seen. How far he has come with hardly any real teacher other then a pen and paper and me as a training dummy for all these years is really incredible. He can gain insight from watching or doing something completely non martial arts related and put it into his art and improve it leaps and bounds. He improves with age and makes his art better and better each year. His insight into the arts is really something, how he can look at something and break it down, and explain it. But most of all his uncompromising dedication to his art and unwillingness not to sell out his art or anyone else’s is something that is a rare thing. I have many times seen him kick out students when he hardly any money for food and needed the monthly dues, but his art and his integrity comes first and foremost.
As a teacher you could not ask for anything more having someone care that much that you understand and actually improve is something not many students get that luxury. So as it goes he is an actual martial artist not just a martial fighter but luckier then that I get to call him my friend of fourteen years now.
John Disteso
15 yrs World War 2 Combatives and Kickboxing
I’ve trained on and off for 15 years with several very experienced teachers. When I began my studies with Adam I was astounded by his phenominal personal skill in realistic street self defence. He is lightning fast, powerful and gives true meaning to the term, ’martial artist.’ He is the most dedicated and well rounded fighter I have ever trained with and he has given me a new confidence in my abilities. It is an honor to be his student. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn the realities of street self defence.
Jeff Meadows
Reality Based Self Defence Instructor 20 years experience
Adam Chan is very good martial artist this is apparent to expert and novice alike. Over the many years that I have studied the arts I have trained with many teachers. So with a qualified voice I can say that Adam is rare and is the type of teacher I seek. The qualities I look for is are a genuine interest in there students both in and out of the training hall. A teacher that continues to learn and grow on there own. After all if they dont how will the continue to teach you? A teacher that ask themselves the hard questions and find the answer then help you to find the question. One that is not bound by tradition but bound by the truth. Adam is all these things and more. I have every confidence that he will be one of the greats in our generation of artist. If you have a chance to learn with Adam seize the chance and consider yourself blessed.
Jo Amaral
Wing Chun, Natural Gate Boxing / Yi Quan practitioner
An extraordinary man and Martial Artist, Adam’s simple, direct approach to combat and ’No question is too stupid’ training philosophy has helped many surpass their preconceived limitations. I would urge anyone looking for practical, effective combat training to train with Adam. One of the best.
Tyler Chiu
Former practitioner of Capoeia
Adam is one of those rare people who actually give a damn about what he does. He is very serious about his art has therefore never failed to help his students accomplish their goals. I have trained with him for over 5 years,and I think of him as a mentor, a teacher,and as an older brother. Training with him, I feel fully capable of defending myself . But in all honestly, what I have learned from him (and am still learning from him) goes far beyond being able to fight.He makes good people better and installs a confidence that one rarely finds on his own. Fighting ability is just a by-product.
Gary Hundle
Former Boxer
I more than ever motivated to learn from Adam, and continue his art form. His stuff his real and practical and it works!!
Tyler Basu
Former Practitioner of Shotokan Karate
I am fortunate enough to be learning from Adam and what he has taught me in just a few months is amazing. Also, his book Climbing Mountains and Eating Punches is a must read.
Tom Westmoreland
PMA student
Learning Adam’s methods have change the way I look at conflict. I am alot more confident in my ability to deal with a hostile situation. Adam is the most honest and has the most integrity out of anyone that I have ever met. He demonstrate that the stuff works and he has proven it over and over again. His system gives one the ability to defeat an average attacker in a few seconds.


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