Pavel Tsatsouline – SECOND WIND express | Instant Download !

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Pavel Tsatsouline – SECOND WIND express | Instant Download !

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Pavel Tsatsouline – SECOND WIND express | Instant Download !



Our ancestors realized that disciplined breathing yielded tremendous power over self. Breathing practices shrouded in mysticism were developed around the world and more are still sprouting today—some effective, others harmful, many pure psychobabble. In contrast, the breathing systems developed by Soviet and Russian scientists are firmly rooted in physiology and thoroughly tested in the field.

(To anticipate your question: No, we are not teaching Buteyko or Systema breathing.)

Some of these low-tech/high-concept techniques promote physical and psychological resilience:

  • Cultivate a “grace under pressure” found in elite soldiers and athletes
  • Tune up your “on/off”switch—learn how to totally mobilize or relax on demand
  • Boost your “anti-fragility” against all sorts of pathogens—heat, cold, blood loss, infection, toxins, radiation, etc.—by increasing your cells’ resistance to free radical damage and reducing the stress reaction
  • Reduce fatigue induced injuries

Other SECOND WIND express techniques improve athletic performance, even in elite athletes:

  • Endurance—through many adaptations in the heart, lungs, blood vessels, blood, muscles, and the nervous system
  • Speed—through improved muscle relaxation and increased creatine phosphate storage in the muscles
  • Power—through a possible conversion of type I muscle fibers to type IIA
  • Coordination and reaction time—through improved muscle relaxation

You do not need a science background to master the SECOND WIND express exercises and benefit from them, but if you want to learn more, CLICK HERE

Most of these techniques are simple to learn, require no special equipment, and can be incorporated into your regular training or done anywhere, anytime. They work for all healthy people, from general fitness newbies to intermediate athletes to champions.

Feel awesome. Be awesome.

Note: this course is a recording of Pavel’s SECOND WIND express one-day seminar. This online course does not include a seminar manual.


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