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Paul Clifford – Kudani PICASSO Framework Training | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Paul Clifford – Kudani PICASSO Framework Training | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


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Steal Our Proven Content Marketing System and Generate Free Organic Traffic For Any Website Using The Previously Unreleased PICASSO Framework…
Content Marketing Is The Only Way To Generate Organic Traffic Moving Forward ( SEO is Dead ) But The Big Challenge is That Creating Content is Time Consuming and Difficult…

Marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners already have too many activities to juggle without having to worry about content creation. And a solid content strategy is the only way to generate and grow high-quality web traffic.
Unfortunately there is no “one-size fits all road map” to a successful content marketing strategy. In fact most businesses are just patching together tools, content and social media accounts while blindly publishing content without any clear direction or plan.
According to a recent survey by The Content Marketing Institute the seemingly simple act of producing content is listed the biggest challenge for businesses of all sizes…

The Biggest Content Marketing Challenges


#1 – Producing Engaging Content

#2 – Producing Enough Content
#3 – Budget to Produce Content
#4 – Producing a Variety of Content
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SOURCE: THe COntent Marketing Institute

It does not matter if you’re writing content yourself or hiring writers and social media experts, most of us are simply too busy and equally unorganized. Which means we just don’t know what to do or how to take the first step.

This leads to untested, undocumented and a “fly by the seat of your pants” approach to content marketing and creation is only half of the problem. Once it is created how can you get people to read that content, to take action, to call or to email you?
It’s Time For You To Stop Guessing
If content marketing helps you create more traffic then the following evaluation is a fair way to determine the value of a well executed content marketing plan:

No Content Plan = Limited or No Traffic & Sales

Proven Content Plan = Maximum Traffic & Sales
Growing web traffic with your content marketing strategy requires consistency and a well executed plan. Each piece of content acts like new equity for your website and sticking to a specific plan will provide exponential results for your web traffic.
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Traditional SEO Methods and Link Building Are Dying…
Without consistent web traffic you are losing sales and the old days of “link building” as a primary ranking and traffic strategy are long gone. Content must stand on its’ own and drive “likes” and “shares” as the new form of “SEO Link Juice”.

But don’t take our word for it, Google stated this updated Patent filing for their PR (Page Rank) algorithm:


“An implied link is a reference to a target resource, e.g., a citation to the target resource, which is included in a source resource but is not an express link to the target resource. Thus, a resource in the group can be the target of an implied link without a user being able to navigate to the resource by following the implied link.“ – US Patent No: 8,682,892
Although the direct quote is a little foggy, if you read carefully the meaning can be derived from the word “Implied Link”. The popular opinion in marketing circles varies in definition but is interpreted to mean indirected references from content like press releases or social media mentions.

Anyone can purchase press releases but social shares, mentions, likes and comments cannot.The only way to obtain “implied links”, as Google calls them, is to create content that drives user engagement and sharing. This further supports the need for a true and proven methodology to significantly increase your chances of success.
To Increase Your “Implied Links” You Need:
Frequent Content Posts With Engaging Topics
Carefully Tested Editorial Calendars With Strategic Release Times and Frequency
Keyword Research Combined With #Hashtags and Viral Trends
Native Ads Combined with Content and Remarketing
Well Researched Topics With Compelling Titles and Headlines
A Combination Of Tested Strategies That Optimize Your Content and Minimize Your Efforts to Create It
With all the content options, posting strategies, keyword research and assorted content strategies it is difficult to determine what works. Even worse when trying to start from scratch.

This is why our team decided to create the ultimate content marketing framework. As one easy to follow 5 module training system and marketing framework called PICASSO.
How This Works…
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We have several “demo sites” that we use for testing the Kudani platform as well as the PICASSO framework methods. Below you can see that one sample site,, which has a post ranking #4 for Dr. OZ memory supplements, #5 for Dr. OZ brain pills and #5 for Dr. OZ brain supplements.

What You Will Learn in Module 1
Using MASFC to get direction, confidence and results.
Understanding your Mission to keep you focused and motivated.
Develop the perfect Avatar makes everything easy.
Style: The secret branding weapon that makes customers trust you.
Funnel and nursing your avatar through their thought process.
Planning your 13 weeks Calendar so you and your team know what they are doing every day

How to optimize and structure your website for maximum search performance and conversion. Everything from pagespeed to mobile usability and more.

Module 2: LESSONS

Lesson 1: Setting up your blog
Lesson 2: Tracking
Lesson 3: SEO SILO Setup
Lesson 4: Essential Trust signals
Lesson 5: Speed and Mobile optimization
Lesson 6: Calls to action and capturing leads
Lesson 7: What makes a good lead magnet
Lesson 8: Setting up your Facebook Page correctly
Lesson 9: Getting the initial fanbase to seed your content
Lesson 10: Completing the social circle
What You Will Learn in Module 2
Where to put your Blog for optimum SEO Value
Why loads of tracking scripts are slowing you down and how to use just one for everything.
SILO Configuration to automatically SEO optimize your site
The 5 Essential Authority trust signals
3 Fundamentals of Traffic Optimization
The 5 Optin form Positions to get maximum signups
Developing the Perfect Lead Magnet in 3 steps.
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Understanding the best methods for creating fresh, unique and engaging content with minimal effort. Everything from curation to repurposing as well as format.

Module 3: LESSONS

Lesson 1: How To find high traffic topics and keywords
Lesson 2: Discovering content that others are sharing
Lesson 3: How to capture content from other sources on the web
Lesson 4: Repurposing your content quickly and easily
Lesson 5: Creating blog posts without writing
Lesson 6: The 5 methods of content curation
Lesson 7: Increasing your authority with social curation
Lesson 8: Repurposing other peoples content
Lesson 9: How to write headlines that get attention.
What You Will Learn in Module 3
6 Powerful techniques for Discovering exciting content
9 Different content types to re-purpose your content
The RSM method of getting 10x the content from one article
Why Oprah is the star of content curation.
The 5 models of content curation and 3 Step method to uncover hot topics
How to write headlines that get attention
500 Blog post ideas to eliminate writers block

Amplification is all about traffic and more traffic using paid and free methods to syndicate and share your newly created content.

Module 4: LESSONS

Lesson 1: Getting eyeballs on your content
Lesson 2: Sharing organically
Lesson 3: Paid Syndication
Lesson 4: Using Email for promotion
Lesson 5: Other methods of Paid syndication
Lesson 6: How to get real ethical backlinks
Lesson 7: How to write a newsletter that gets eyeballs
What You Will Learn in Module 4
How 1+1 is actually 3 when you combine these 2 powerful amping methods.
The harsh reality of organic sharing
How to get paid syndication cheaply – because it’s what people want.
How todo 6 different amplification techniques in one sitting.
3 Unique ways to reach influencers.
Backlinks still matter – here’s how to get them.
The 5 essences of your email newsletter that make your subscribers hungry for your content.
Get Paul Clifford – Kudani PICASSO Framework Training right now!


Tracking your results is the only path to a successful content marketing strategy. This module is all about why how, what, and when to track your content.

Module 5: LESSONS

Lesson 1: Understanding what content converts and what doesn’t
Lesson 2: How to measure goals correctly
Lesson 3: Setting up Universal Tracking Codes
Lesson 4: Evaluating what works and what doesn’t
Lesson 5: Measuring your success
Get Paul Clifford – Kudani PICASSO Framework Training right now!
What You Will Learn in Module 5
Why everything is about the numbers and the numbers (repeat after me)
The 4 essential metrics that you need to measure to know you’re on track
Demystifying Google analytics
The magic of UTM codes and how in fact they’re stupidly easy to use.
Evaluate your real conversion rate so you know where to focus
Finally smile as you review your 4 week, 13 week and 6 month success
But thats not all….
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Bonus 1
90 Day Content Marketing Blueprint
Your ‘fill in the blanks’ guide to content marketing success.
With the worksheet you can complete the action plan for each module and end with a actionable blueprint for your business.


Bonus 2
Content Marketing For Dummies – Kudani Edition
The digital edition of Content Marketing for Dummies delivered to you direct in the members area.

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