Pat Flynn – Power-Up Podcasting 2.0 | Instant Download !

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Pat Flynn – Power-Up Podcasting 2.0 | Instant Download !

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Pat Flynn – Power-Up Podcasting 2.0 | Instant Download !


Pat Flynn – Power-Up Podcasting 2.0


A Step-By-Step Course to Launch a Successful Podcast that Gets Found and Grows Your Online Brand



Power-Up Podcasting® was built with the aspiring podcaster in mind. If you’re a first-time podcaster and you’re looking for help with each step along the way, this is the course for you.

  • Work at your own pace. There are seven distinct stages with 59 video lessons (over six total hours!), taking you from idea to post-launch success.
  • Clear action items set you up for success, teaching you how to acquire the right gear, leverage your current audience, and build a podcasting workflow.
  • Bonuses keep you on track, including a printable workbook and a special lecture on monetizing your podcast.
  • Gain exclusive access to a Facebook community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your fellow classmates.
  • Office hours with Pat during the first month give you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice.



Across seven distinct course stages, you’ll learn all about:

  • The how and why of podcasting: You’ll gain a deep perspective on how and why podcasting works for both you and your listeners—from understanding what drives you to create an amazing podcast to taking advantage of the powerful ways in which your audience can become hooked on your content.
  • Mastering the technical stuff: I’ll help you with all the technical setup and know-how required to hit the airwaves like a professional, including an in-depth understanding of podcasting equipment, voice recording, audio editing, interviewing, mp3 tagging, hosting, and publishing.
  • Setting up your website, shownotes, and more: I’ll teach you how to get your show published, including developing show notes, finding a website or blog for your podcast, submitting your show to iTunes, and creating accurate transcriptions of your episodes.
  • How to launch your podcast with an unforgettable bang: Learn how to effectively promote and market your launch on social media, guest on other podcasts in similar niches, write amazing blog posts that draw in listeners when your show launches, and maintain your podcasting brilliance for years to come.



Power-Up Podcasting® is designed for people looking to build their brand and better connect with their audience through podcasting.

You’re always looking to connect to others in a way that makes a difference. Your podcast idea has been waiting in the wings, and this is the year you’re going to make it a reality. You’re not only building a brand—you’re building a brand with a point of view. I’m excited to help you create a platform for that point of view with Power-Up Podcasting®.


Stop thinking about starting a show and get started today. Power-Up Podcasting® will hold your hand through all the hard parts, including setting up your studio, learning how to edit, and getting your podcast out into the world.

Course Curriculum

2.0 Welcome Students!

  • Welcome! Watch This First (9:04)
  • Student Podcast Directory (1:00)
  • Course Downloads
  • Office Hours (1:42)
  • The PUP Student Center (1:38)
  • A Record of the Latest Updates to PUP

2.0 PRE-LAUNCH // STEP 1: You and Your Future Podcast

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to the Pre-Launch! (1:22)
  • Lesson 02: Your Podcast Equipment (5:01)
  • Lesson 03: How Podcasting Works (5:55)
  • Lesson 04: Common Roadblocks (and How to Stop Them) (7:29)
  • Lesson 05: What’s Your Show About? (3:29)
  • Lesson 06: Your Show Details (24:44)
  • Lesson 07: Podcast Artwork (11:32)
  • Lesson 08: Voiceovers and Royalty Free Music (6:53)
  • Lesson 09: Let’s Recap Step 1 (2:49)

2.0 PRE-LAUNCH // STEP 2: Planning Your Podcast Episodes

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Step 2! Excited Yet? (3:06)
  • Lesson 02: Your Show’s Introduction (10:05)
  • Lesson 03: What Should You Include in Your First Episode? (4:36)
  • Lesson 04: Content (What Do You Talk About?) (9:21)
  • Lesson 05: Guests and Interviews (12:41)
  • Lesson 06: Calls to Action (9:42)
  • Lesson 07: Recap of Step 2 (2:26)

2.0 PRE-LAUNCH // Step 3: Recording and Editing Your Show

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Step 3! Let’s Do This! (0:39)
  • Lesson 02: Hooking Up Your Equipment (11:09)
  • Lesson 03: Setting Up Your Recording Software (53:43)
  • Lesson 04: Master Files and Organization (33:12)
  • Lesson 05: Recording an Interview (On the Internet) (17:44)
  • Lesson 06: Recording an Interview (In-Person) (6:39)
  • Lesson 07: Recording Tips (14:24)
  • Lesson 08: Interviewing Tips (Before and While You Record) (12:27)
  • Lesson 09: Putting Together Your Show (30:29)
  • Lesson 10: Recap of Step 3 (0:36)

2.0 PRE-LAUNCH // STEP 4: Preparing Your Audio File for The World

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Step 4! (1:08)
  • Lesson 02: Export Your First Episode (9:47)
  • Lesson 03: Auphonic (Optional, but Awesome!) (4:25)
  • Lesson 04: How to Title Your Podcast Episode (8:48)
  • Lesson 05: Your Podcast Hosting Company (16:52)
  • Lesson 06: Upload Your First Episode (19:39)
  • Lesson 07: Understanding Your PODCAST RSS FEED (0:45)
  • Lesson 08: Setting Up Your Apple Podcasts Account (1:28)
  • Lesson 09: Webpage Setup and Show Notes (14:33)
  • Lesson 10: Transcriptions (3:06)
  • Lesson 11: You Made It through Step 4! (1:53)

2.0 PRE-LAUNCH // STEP 5: The Launch Plan

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Step 5—The Final Step of Pre-Launch! (1:18)
  • Lesson 02: Your Launch Plan (and How Rankings Work) (9:43)
  • Lesson 03: Make It an Event! (9:43)
  • Lesson 04: Congratulations! You’ve Completed the Podcast Pre-Launch Module! (2:19)

2.0 Launch Week

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Launch Week! (1:42)
  • Lesson 02: Submit Your Feed to Podcast Directories (13:18)
  • Lesson 03: Remind Your Network and Audience the Show Is Coming Soon (4:33)
  • Lesson 04: What to Do After Getting Approved by Apple Podcasts (4:03)
  • Lesson 05: The Day Before Your Launch (3:10)
  • Lesson 06: Happy Launch Day! (4:45)

2.0 After Launch

  • Lesson 01: The Process for Publishing Future Episodes (2:30)
  • Lesson 02: Stats and What They Mean (17:01)
  • Lesson 03: Podcast Reviews (and How to Get Them) (5:58)
  • Lesson 04: Getting Exposure on Directories (7:40)
  • Lesson 05: How to Remain Consistent and Keep Growing (3:39)
  • Lesson 06: Recommended Resources for Existing Podcasters (1:19)
  • Lesson 07: Growing Your Email List with Your Podcast (12:52)

2.0 Podcast Monetization

  • Lesson 01: An Introduction to Podcast Monetization (1:08)
  • Lesson 02: Advertising and Sponsorships (8:07)
  • Lesson 03: Selling Your Own Stuff (5:42)
  • Lesson 04: Affiliate Marketing (8:58)
  • Lesson 05: Patreon (5:14)

BONUS: Growing Your Podcast Audience

  • Scaling Your Podcast with a “HITT” Episode (47:35)
  • How to Convert Your Casual Listeners into Raving Fans (52:11)

BONUS: Podcast Recording Checklist

  • 5 Tips for a Perfect Podcast Interview Recording

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