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Norton Paley – Manage to Win

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Norton Paley – Manage to Win

Learn how to reshape and reposition your company to meet tougher challenges and competitors, when to confront and when to retreat, how to assess risk and opportunity and how to move to seize opportunities and knock-out the competition.

Real-life case-studies and examples throughout the text. Extensive appendix of practical guidelines, numerous management tools and usable checklists.

As the challenges facing you become tougher, the key to survival and success is to learn how to reshape and reposition your company. Norton Paley’s new book sets out clear strategies for re-defining your company’s strengths and wrong-footing your competitors. Using real-life case-studies and examples, he shows you how to assess risks and seize opportunities and–most critical of all–how to knock out the competition.


“Throughout the growth phase of a company, managers need to be able to keep changing gears, sometimes from one hour to the nextÉ the managers who learn to enjoy those gear changes are the managers who thrive. Manage to Win is perfectly positioned to help managers to do just that, to prepare them for the disruptive changes that come with growth, and to give them the tools to manage those changes successfully. Norton Paley’s premise is right on target.” (Paul Lee, (Former) CEO, BBC America)

“Norton Paley has once again captured the essence of winning management strategies. He’s taken a complex set of concepts and refined them down to an easy-to-understand guidebook for today’s busy manager. Norton’s plain English, common sense approach to managing in today’s ever-changing markets removes all of the pitfalls a manager would normally face without this wonderful insight. This book is a ‘must have’ for any manager intent on success.” (Edward J. Fred, CEO and President CPI Aerostructures, Inc.)

Leading an enterprise can be both exhilarating and terrifying, whether it’s a Fortune 500 corporation, an organic iced tea company, or the corner deli. Norton Paley’s insights on anticipating and outflanking the competition could prove invaluable to a manager facing key decisions.” (Seth Goldman, CEO and President, Honest Tea, #117 on Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies)

“Norton Paley has written a book extremely relevant for today’s modern leader. He couples new age business examples with time-proven theory, tactics and strategies to give a clear blueprint for success in an ever-changing world.” (Warren D. Krug, Vice President, Emerging Commercial Markets Group, Washington Mutual Bank)

About the Author

Norton Paley has had over twenty years’ experience in general and marketing management and product development in major US corporations and has lectured extensively to managers and engineers in companies throughout the world, including American Express, Hoechst-Celenese, IBM, Chrysler and Ciba Geigy. He is the author of four successful books on marketing and a featured columnist in The Management Review and Sales and Marketing Management.

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