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Nimi Wariboko – God & Money

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Nimi Wariboko – God & Money

Making a case for a denationalized global currency as an alternative to the dollar, euro, and yen as the world vehicular and reserve currencies, God and Money explores the significance and theological-ethical implications of money as a social relation in the light of the dynamic relations of the triune God. Wariboko deftly analyzes the dynamics at work in the global monetary system and argues that the monarchical-currency structure of the dollar, euro, and yen may be moving toward a trinitarian structure of a democratic world currency.


God and Money is a unique theological exploration of the significance of money. Its relational ethic challenges the imperial domination of the euro and the dollar in the economies of the developing world, especially Africa, and calls for the creation of a single global currency. It is a provocative and creative work. (David Hollenbach S.J., Boston College)

This extraordinary book should be read by all who are concerned with the relation of ethics, economics, and business because it bridges the great chasm that has separated those disciplines for far too long. The author helps his readers see money not as a material thing alone but as a social relation. This is an altogether new perspective, not only describing the moral dimension of money itself but inspiring readers to discern the ethical issues implicit in the global monetary system. The argument in this book is captivating as it reveals how theology and ethics are deeply embedded in the nature of money itself. In fact, the author claims that the logic implicit in present day global monetary practices tends to coincide with the values of the Trinity. Most importantly, he advocates a single global currency as a necessary condition for greater equity between the poorer and richer nations of the world. (Peter J. Paris, Princeton Theological Seminary)

God and Money is an ambitious, insightful, and creative theological approach to the understanding of the international monetary economy. The book is significant for several reasons: First, it not only touches on an important subject, but it also demonstrates how theological language can help us understand the contemporary global monetary economy. Secondly, the book focuses on currencies as a way to understand the ‘center’ of the global economy. Thirdly, the author, Nimi Wariboko, is deeply engaged in a creative effort to lay out the need for a new global currency―a currency designed to assist the poorer nations of the world, thus leading to greater global equality. (BTI Magazine)

God and Money is unique because it does not simply make ethical recommendations; it seeks to analyze dynamics at work in the economy and to identify directions in which this system is going, while dealing with an issue that has not been addressed directly as yet: namely the issue of religion and the currency system. (Joerg Rieger, Perkins School of Theology, SMU; author of Christ And Empire)

Thought-provoking and enriching. (Religious Studies Review)

God and Money: A Theology of Money in a Globalizing World is a pick for religion and economics collections alike, offering a creative, theological approach to understanding international economic issues. It shows how theology can connect to the modern global economy, helping readers see connections between money and morality and how theology and ethics are strongly connected to the nature of money. Scholarly religious collections will find this a ‘must’. (Midwest Book Review 2011-10-01)

About the Author

Nimi Wariboko is the Katherine B. Stuart Professor of Christian Ethics at Andover Newton Theological School.

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