Multi Family Millions Live Event & Home Study Course

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Multi Family Millions Live Event & Home Study Course

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Multi Family Millions Live Event & Home Study Course

3-Day Multi-Family Millions Event
Positive cash flow has changed the lives of thousands of attendees of this live event. They’ve used positive cash flow to pay off bills, take vacations, better provide for their families, take care of loved ones, give more back to their church, and even quit their jobs.

Not only will you discover the power of positive cash flow through multi-family investing, you’ll also be amazed at the amount of profits that can be made in emerging markets and through “Value Plays”.

You’ll discover the system that enabled a dirt poor landscaper to create an apartment building empire of thousands of units. And, it works in every area of the country.

You’ll Discover:
How to own apartments and never have to deal with tenants.

How to hire the right management company.

How to get motivated sellers to call you on a regular basis.

Tested and proven marketing systems that you can plug into your market and begin to see results from quickly.

How to read the four phases of the market cycle. What strategy to use in your market right now, to make the most amount of money.

Where the next emerging markets will be in North America.

How to analyze deals quickly and easily. We start with small ones and work our way up to the big ones.

How to create relationships with real estate brokers so they hand you good deals.

How to build your team, so they watch over your portfolio while you go out and buy more.

How to negotiate to get good deals for lower prices.

How to do your due diligence effectively so you get the deal you think you’re getting.


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