Mastering Karate Niju-Hadii-Ho NTSC TUTORIAL


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Mastering Karate Niju-Hadii-Ho NTSC TUTORIAL

Product description

Featuring Master Hirokazu Kanazawa. This ius the first time he teaches the Ni Ju Hachi Ho kata which is a very rare white crane form never befoire taught to the masses and only demonstrated once before in public in 1996 in Italy. But now you to can learn this rare rae form he learnt in a village in Okinawan many years ago. He will teach you all the bunkai the way he learnt it from an old master in Okinawa years ago. This is the DVD that many have been begging for for years and now Master Kanazawa has finely agreed to teach you the form he has preserved from being lost for ever. One of the absolute most intricate forms ever on DVD filled with self defence applications like never before seen. Kancho Kanazawa demosnstrate the form in slow motiuon learning speed and then at full speed.


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