Market Gauge – slingshot course

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Market Gauge – slingshot course

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Discover How To Identify Trading Setups That
Deliver Profits To Your Portfolio As Quickly As
The Same Day You Place The Trade

Slingshot SetupsPLUSSlingshot Alerts
Powerful Strategies with
Simple Trading Rules.
Setups Automatically
Selected For You Daily, and
A Weekly Mentoring Video!

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Your trades could very easily be growing your portfolio ON THE SAME DAY YOU MAKE THEM.

“Slingshot Setups” shows you how to identify several trades that are ready to move big.

Here’s how you’ll use Slingshot Setup trades…

If you are a day trader, you’ll bank your profits by the end of the day.

If you’re a swing trader, you’ll take some profits at a quick target and the trail your stops toward higher targets so you can ride big moves!

If you are an options trader, you’ll use short term directional trading strategies.

Simplify Your Trading

Every evening we’ll give you a list of ‘big movers’ that could deliver quick profit straight to your portfolio BY THE END OF THE NEXT TRADING DAY!

Trading based on patterns creates a high probability for positive returns because patterns telegraph the next moves of the market. However, recognizing the patterns, what they mean, and what effect they’ll have on your portfolio isn’t enough if you’re not sure what to do.

We’ll Give You The Trading Strategies You Need

Once a pattern is identified, there are specific setups you can initiate to reduce your risk and increase your chances of scoring big profits… even on the same day you make the trade.

What are “Slingshot Setups”?

We call them “Slingshots” because they lead to quick bursts in price action, and they include more than just patterns – that’s why we call them “Setups”.

Slingshot Setups is an online streaming video training course designed to give you trading rules that you can adopt or adapt into your own system of trading. We show you ‘Exact’ entry points, stops, targets and trailing profit-taking exits… everything you need to score BIG in the markets is included.

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A Simple System With Huge Profit Opportunity

Don’t expect a big, complex system to grapple with every day… your trading day and Slingshot Setups begin on the daily (or sometimes weekly) charts with trading conditions that lead to big day-trades or swing trades.

Then, you’ll have easy to execute intra-day trading rules that give you low risk, precise entries and stop levels.

Each Slingshot Setup includes:

  • A Clearly Defined Entry Trigger
  • Minimized Initial Risk Level
  • Quick Profit Targets

Because these setups begin with daily charts, you can identify which stocks you are going to trade BEFORE the trading day begins. This allows you to create a short list of great trading opportunities and then you can turn your focus on trading the specific entry and exit rules rather than feeling trading anxiety or over-analyzing the market action.

  • NO Special Charting Software Needed
  • NO Proprietary Indicators To Worry About
  • EASY TO IDENTIFY Setups From Looking At Any List Of Daily Stock Charts

The simplicity and precision of these setups are designed to reduce trading stress, eliminate analysis paralysis, prevent missing those easy winners, and create a rock solid trading plan.

Discover How To Trade Effectively In Any Kind Of Market

The Slingshot Setups streaming video course shows you how to profit from:

  • Breakout Momentum Trades
  • Trend Reversal Trades
  • Trend Pull Back Trades

For each of these market conditions, you’ll learn two or three setups, so regardless of the state of the market, you’ll have a good Slingshot Setup and profitable trade opportunity.

Learning these skills will bolster your current trading activity and you’ll be able to trade with focus and more confidence than ever before.


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