Lynne McTaggart – The New Healing


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Lynne McTaggart – The New Healing

Lynne McTaggart – The New Healing

In this hour long course, Lynne McTaggart will discuss some of the available methods, techniques, and equipment that is available as an alternative to modern medicine.

What are we, and what is disease? These fundamental questions are at the heart of the New Healing recording.

She begins with the six new paradigms, which have been discovered by the new physics. Only when these are understood can we even begin to understand how illness happens – and, more significantly, how we can treat it successfully.

In The New Healing, you will:

  • discover that we emit light, or biophoton emissions
  • learn how all of life communicates with itself
  • find out that our environment has a bigger impact on our health than do our genes
  • come to understand the importance of emotions and thoughts
  • hear about the new science of time and space, and its significance on health
  • learn that we are hardwired to connect – and that we get ill when we don’t
  • discover that illness is a disturbance in the energy system of life

The New Healing also appraises several of the new healing systems, including:

  • Gas Discharge Technique, based on Kirlian photography
  • Polycontrast Interference Photography
  • Pulse electromagnetic field therapies, such as bioresonance
  • The Scenar healing device from the old USSR
  • Tomatis healing
  • Virtual Scanning
  • Hamer’s New Medicine
  • Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy
  • Psych-K

and others.

The New Healing pack includes an hour long MP3 audio recording, plus full course materials, including exercises.


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