Lisa Barnett – Your Akashic Records | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Lisa Barnett – Your Akashic Records | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Lisa Barnett – Your Akashic Records | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Lisa Barnett - Your Akashic Records

Lisa Barnett – Your Akashic Records

Discover answers to your most pressing questions — about your relationships, life’s journey, health, and soul’s gifts — through your own Akashic Records…

Access your Akashic Records to meet your ‘record keepers,’ clear karma, and receive essential information about your soul’s plan and purpose.


Everything that is “you” (past, present, and future) has an energetic “imprint”…

These imprints are stored as “records” within a vibrational field, the Akashic Field, that also contains information about the plan for your soul… as well as a record of the contracts your soul has made in order to fulfill its highest plan and purpose.

Pioneers of human consciousness and quantum science describe this field as a “cosmic memory field that contains all information — past, present, and future.”

And even more compelling is that your soul, like all souls, has its own “keepers” of these records…

These “record keepers” can help you access the answers to your most pressing questions… about your ideal livelihood… your unique gifts… your relationships… and your soul’s plan.

These answers, as well as a record of the contracts your soul has made in order to fulfill its highest purpose, are contained in the Akashic Field, according to teacher, energy healer, and author Lisa Barnett.

Lisa has guided thousands of people to access their Akashic Records and record keepers to resolve emotional blocks, clear karma, and better understand their life challenges and relationships.

Your record keepers are waiting to hear from you…

Your record keepers can help you access your soul’s plan as well as help you untangle baffling situations such as family dynamics, relationship patterns, health issues, and money challenges…

You may have contracts tied to these situations and loved ones for your mutual growth. Now is a good time to resolve these contracts.

The keepers of your records can help you illuminate these areas of your life, reveal the exact reasons for certain challenges, and offer practical solutions and healing guidance…

From this perspective, every event and situation in your life can be seen as playing a specific role in your soul’s greater plan — opening you to an authentic path of transformation, growth, and living on purpose.

As Lisa explains, discovering your Akashic Records and working with your record keepers opens your heart to the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of achieving as an ancient and dynamically evolving soul.

Accessing your Akashic Records can be profoundly liberating — especially where negative patterns persist, despite years of trying to overcome them.

Through your Akashic record keepers, you can make sense of your soul patterns and contracts, clear out challenging karma, and resolve challenges carried over from other lifetimes, such as an illness or financial troubles.

What’s more, your Akashic records contain information about your divine gifts and talents — which may be hidden due to experiences in this lifetime and beyond, and are now ready to be reclaimed.

For this journey, you’ll receive “vibrational keys” in the form of sacred prayers, which will open the door to this “library” of your soul’s records…

Lisa will guide you in communicating with your record keepers, acclimating you to this new perspective of your soul and life, and helping you to inquire and trust the information you receive.

Over 7 revelatory modules, you’ll receive:

  • 3 Sacred Vibrational Keys to access your personal Akashic Records
  • Energy clearings directly from your Akashic record keepers to open your intuitive powers  
  • An understanding of your soul’s contracts and patterns — and how you can align with the wisdom keepers and guides that are ready to assist you
  • An expanded sense of yourself as an ancient, dynamic soul moving towards greater embodiment and expression
  • Guided meditations to align you with your soul’s purpose, through your relationship with your record keepers
  • Guidelines for asking magical questions about different areas of your life
  • The 5-Step Wisdom Prayer System to open and close your Akashic Records
  • A powerful tool that will free you from your logical mind, so it’s easier to receive Akashic guidance and move into the divine source energy of the field
  • 7 energy-clearing prayers to help clear and release old fears and stuck energy from childhood and past lives
  • A cosmic perspective of your soul’s lineage — and essential insights for receiving information about your soul in other dimensions
  • And much more…

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

Your Akashic Records will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Lisa. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to work with your record keepers.

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