Laura Petersen – Amazon Best-Seller Course

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Laura Petersen – Amazon Best-Seller Course

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Laura Petersen – Amazon Best-Seller Course

Laura Petersen – Amazon Best-Seller Course


It’s now my goal to help other entrepreneurs of all sizes (consultants, coaches, creators, thought leaders, podcasters, speakers, etc.) to stand out in their industry by becoming an…  Amazon Best-Selling Author!
Let’s make your competitive irrelevant. ?
Here are just a few perks of becoming a best-selling author:
 Increased authority in your niche
 More attention and exposure for your business

 Seen the go-to expert in your industry

 Earn more sales and clients
 Book more speaking gigs
 Get invited on more podcast interviews
 …and more!
Would you like to have all these too?

Make Your Competition Irrelevant
as a #1 Best-Selling Author!
P.S. No Email List, Ad Budget, or Publishing Experience Needed

Connor Gillivan
Founder of Portlight and CMO of FreeeUp
1st-Time Author
#1 International Amazon Best-Seller
• Management & Leadership > Outsourcing
• Industries > Consulting [both U.S. & Canada] • Human Resources > Outsourcing

Sabah Ali
College Student
1st-Time Author
#1 Amazon Best-Seller
• Teen & Young Adult > School & Education
• Teen & Young Adult > College Guides

Stephen Dela Cruz (and his ghost writer Casey Fox)
CEO of Stegela Success Mastery
1st-Time Author
#1 Amazon Best-Seller
• Business Life > Ethics

Nicole Zeien
College Student
1st-Time Author
#1 Hot New Release
• Parenting & Relationships > Adoption
She was also offered a book publishing deal from an international publisher!!!

Here’s What Happened to Me
 Featured in an article in Thrive Global
 Invited onto tons of podcast shows
 Taught a seminars on podcasting all over the world
 Invited to join a new business venture with a mega-influencer
 Attended T.V. premieres and walked the red carpet with idols of mine
 Spoke on stage for the Podcast Cruise (by founders of Podcast Movement!)
For me, having a teaching background, I’m not someone who naturally wants to be the super star celebrity. Instead, I love connecting with people, helping, and learning.
That’s what fuels me!
I realized through frustration at not being seen as a leader in my field, that a best selling book would help me get booked on more podcasts, invited to speak on more stages, and be featured in more articles.
And it has! 
Now, I want to teach you how too.

The snowball effect of this makes me feel proud, extremely confident, and more in control of my own business now being seen as a leader and not a follower!

People NOW reach out to me instead of my reaching out to them!
It all started with the book.
…which led to making more sales, booking more high-profile clients, and leveling up the ‘ole network.
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