L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer – User’s Manual For The Brain Volume 2

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L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer – User’s Manual For The Brain Volume 2

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L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer – User’s Manual For The Brain Volume 2

L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer - User's Manual For The Brain Volume 2


Following on from Volume I, this is the most comprehensive manual published to date covering the NLP Master Practitioner course. The authors introduce some of the newer advancements in the field and invite you to go beyond the Practitioner level and on to the Master s level where you will not only understand NLP, but you will be able to develop the very spirit of NLP. In addition, this volume also introduces the reader to: Advanced Meta-Model Distinctions, Mind-Lines, Advanced Time-Line Patterns, and Meta-Domains Systemic Models. Packed with case studies, seminar demonstrations, discussions, and trances, this volume will enable the practitioner to develop an attitude and spirit that allows them to apply the NLP Model powerfully.

The quintessential self-study course on advanced NLP. –Judith Pearson, PhD, Anchor Point

“This book is an ideal manual for the NLP enthusiast looking for mastery. A well-written, comprehensive and integrated view that includes much of the author’s personal advancements in the field. It takes NLP another step along the road to success.” —Martin Shervington, author of Peak Performance through NLP

“This book is a jewel. The authors present a thorough, personable and easy-to-use comprehensive collection of what is the definitive Master Practitioner’s training program. I also appreciate that the authors added a much-needed dimension of ethics and values in the learning and application of the powers of NLP, making it more personal and purposeful.” —-John Burton, EdD, NLP Master Practitioner and author of States of Equilibrium

About the Author

L. Michael Hall is a Cognitive Psychologist who through research into NLP and Self-Actualization Psychology is now a modeler of human excellence; he has completed 15 modeling projects from Resilience, Women in Leadership, Self-Actualization, Coaching, Self-Actualizing Leaders, Managers, and Companies, Selling, Defusing, Wealth Creation, etc. He has authored 50 NLP books and a series on Meta-Coaching. Michael co-founded the ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) and the MCF (Meta-Coaching Foundation) and is an internationally renowned trainer.

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Dr. Bodenhamer’s under-graduate degree (BA) is from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC (1972). His major at Appalachian State University was Philosophy and Religion with a minor in Psychology. He received the Master of Divinity (1976) and the Doctor of Ministry Degree (1978) from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. The Master of Divinity Degree included training in Pastoral Care with both classroom and clinical work. Dr. Bodenhamer received one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education from Wake Medical Center in Raleigh, N. C. while working on his doctorate. His marriage to Linda now spans 43 years.His NLP Practitioner’s Certification comes from L.E.A.D.’s Consultants in Reynoldsburg, OH, Dr. Gene Rooney, Trainer. Dr. Bodenhamer’s NLP Master Certification and Master Time Line TherapyTMPractitioner Certification came from Tad James, Ph.D. of Advanced Neuro-Dynamics of Honolulu, HI. Additional training has been received from NLP conferences. Dr. Bodenhamer has approximately 1500 hours of formal NLP training. He taught NLP for 10 years in the Corporate/Community Education program at Gaston College. Dr. Bodenhamer received his certification as a Trainer of NLP from Tad James, Ph.D., Advance Neuro Dynamics, Honolulu, Hawaii and Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D. of Advanced Behavioral Modeling, Inc., Arlington, VA.As an International Master NLP Trainer, he offers both certified training for Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP. He has a private NLP Therapy practice. Dr. Bodenhamer has served four Southern Baptist churches as pastor. He is presently serving as pastor of a mission church called Christ Fellowship Community Church. His time in the pastorate spans 44 years. All of his pastorates have been in North Carolina. Bob has had the privilege of being married to Linda for the past 45 years (10/17/1965).He has co-authored 10 NLP books and is the sole author of I Have a Voice: How to Stop Stuttering.The NLP in Healthcare Award was presented to Bob G Bodenhamer at the NLP award ceremony 2017.

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L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer


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