Kimberley Wenya – The Manifestation Collective Certification | Instant Download !

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Kimberley Wenya – The Manifestation Collective Certification | Instant Download !

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Kimberley Wenya – The Manifestation Collective Certification | Instant Download !



Our curriculum in semester 01 focuses on teaching you the manifestation process through the science and energy of attracting your reality and rewiring the subconscious mind! Universal laws are taught throughout!

MODULE 1: Design Your Dream Life + Universal Laws

In this module, you’ll be introduced to a GOLDEN tool that I use to create my dream life: The Universal Book Of You. This is a beautiful methodology to create your dream vision and make it all reality! In order to manifest your dreams, you must begin with getting crystal clear.

MODULE 2: The Balance Method

We build on the beautiful duality work we begin in Manifestation: The Basics (which is included as a bonus if you haven’t taken it already!) and we introduce The Balance Method, a process based in neuroscience to balance the mind and release emotional charges on triggers, challenges so that you can live your BEST life, and embody your unlimited potential.

MODULE 3: Reprogramming The Mind (I)

Manifestation is all about influencing the mind and emotions that we hold. The root of this truly is in the mind. In module 3, we begin the art of reprogramming the mind. It all begins with a lesson in neuroscience and understanding how the brain works. We break down the conscious vs subconscious mind and explore solid ways to rewire the subconscious mind!

MODULE 4: Reprogramming The Mind (II)

We expand the modalities that you can use to reprogram the mind once again! We study the entrypoints to the subconscious mind, further our golden neuroscience understanding of the brain and get to the energetic and mindset work! (All in a modern girl way!) This module, we go DEEP on meditation and the kinds of meditation that are vital for you to successfully manifest your dreams!

MODULE 5: Aligned Action

One of the main confusions around manifestation is how much action to take and how to take it! In this module, we’ll be covering how universal laws intertwine with how you take action, and you’ll learn some major tools on how to take aligned action in the most effective way for manifestation! We also cover how universal laws affect your schedule and organisation which can make or break your dream reality!

MODULE 6: Energy + Certainty

Of course, this wouldn’t be a semester complete without us talking about the energy and certainty of manifestation! You’ll have incredible life changing tools that truly help you step into new levels of certainty like never before for your manifestations!



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