Kim Anami – G-Spot Ecstasy | Instant Download !

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Kim Anami – G-Spot Ecstasy | Instant Download !

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Kim Anami – G-Spot Ecstasy | Instant Download !


Kim Anami – G-Spot Ecstasy

Learn how to have powerful female and male G-Spot orgasms!

This is a virtual salon in which you can learn at your own pace. There are four modules/weeks of material to fuel your G-Spot orgasms and intimate explorations.

Want to learn more before you dive in? Drop your name + email below and you’ll receive a seven-day tutorial, to whet your appetite:

Single, dating or in a committed relationship?

Want to learn more before you dive in? Drop your name + email below and you’ll receive a seven-day tutorial, to whet your appetite:

7 Little Known Facts About Your G-Spot (His & Hers!)

Come on a journey of self-actualization and knee-shaking pleasure.

The G-Spot is real. It isn’t a myth.

And anyone who tells you otherwise simply hasn’t experienced this high-pleasure portal for themselves. (What a shame!)

G-Spot orgasms are different. They’re deeper, more emotional, and they amplify our capacity to connect with our partners…and, for that matter, ourselves. Coming from your G-Spot is a deep, intense experience that opens us up, on many levels.

Everyone should experience it. Ideally, every day.

With G-Spot Ecstasy a 4-week digital salon, with video lessons and scintillating homeplay you’ll learn how to awaken + harness the most powerful energy source you have: your sexual energy. And you’ll discover how ecstatic sex can infuse your whole life with more power + confidence.

You’ll give yourself permission to want what you want and demand what you need, with that incredible synthesis of softness + strength that comes…when you come. Every day. Like a ritual.

Here’s G-Spot:

An 4-week Virtual Salon to Strengthen and Tone the Vagina and Turbo-Charge Your Orgasms

Module 1

The Female G-Spot. It’s Real. It Exists.

• The anatomy + history of the G-Spot: from 5000-year-old archives, to modern scientific evidence.
• Clitoral vs. G-Spot Orgasms: why G-Spot orgasms are far more powerful + pleasurable.
• Physical vs. emotional release—and tried + true methods to get you over the edge.

Module 2

Essential Tools

• The key to unlocking the G-Spot’s power—for both women + men.
• Glorious G-Spot accessories: my top picks for everyday play, and a few couture favorites…

Module 3

All About Ejaculate

• What exactly happens when women come…and why ejaculate is considered a potent elixir.
• Ejaculation vs. orgasm. (They’re not one and the same!)
• An exclusive interview with the “G-Spot Whisperer” (a priceless conversation…)

Module 4

The Male G-Spot

• Why everyone should explore anal play. Even you. Especially you.
• Stimulating the prostate for psychological + spiritual growth.
• Anatomy and pleasure maps, with precise instructions + positions—plus FAQs and stress-free “troubleshooting.”

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What You’ll Receive:

Four modules of highly-inspiring + practical lessons, delivered weekly to your inbox.

You can watch the videos, listen to the audio, or read the transcripts—whatever fits your lifestyle, and your learning style.

Homeplay assignments to explore and dig deeper on your own, or with a partner.

Lifetime access to all module materials.

All for $247 USD

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