Kevin David – Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass 2018

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Kevin David – Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass 2018

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Kevin David – Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass 2018

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A Step By Step Walkthrough of the NEWEST Update to the Facebook™ Ads Platform, Including Exactly How we Organize and Set up Our Ads for HUGE Profits! And How we Utilize the Power of the Facebook™ Pixel to Build Ridiculously Targeted Audiences!

Let’s Be Real… Creating A Profitable Facebook™ Ad Can Be Incredibly Difficult!

People Tell Me All The Time That Facebook Ads Won’t Work For Their Business But The Reality Is That There’s A Successful Facebook Ad Strategy That Will Work For ANY BUSINESS! Sadly, A Large Majority Of Business Owners Just Don’t Know How To Correctly Take Advantage Of The Facebook Ad Platform.

They Just Don’t Understand How To Properly Research Their Market, Target Audience, Understand Analytics, And Most Importantly SCALE Profitably!

When I First Started Digital Marketing I Didn’t Think That I Needed a Mentor or a Coach. I Wanted to Do It All Myself and Trust Me When I Say That I Made A Ton Of Mistakes! I Wasted a lot Of Money and Time Trying to Figure Everything Out On My Own! If I Could Go Back I Would Tell Myself To Find Someone Who Had Already Been Successful With Facebook Advertising and LEARN FROM THEM!

It’s For This Very Reason That I Decided to Create The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass. I Wanted To Create a Comprehensive STEP-BY-STEP Guide That Could Take Anyone From a COMPLETE BEGINNER to a Facebook Ads EXPERT!


You’ve Basically Found Cheat Codes For Creating Unbelievable Successful Facebook Ads

Before I tell you more about The Facebook Ads Masterclass, Let Me Guess Who You Are…

You Want To Learn The Most Highly Effective Way To Target Potential Buyers And Bring On New Clients.

You Want To Know How To Profitably scale winning campaigns using advanced strategies including manual bidding.

You Want To Understand How to Target ANY Audience With Specific Narrower’s to Ensure That Your Ads Will ONLY Be Shown to Interested Buyers Every Single Time.

You Want To Know How To Use Funnels to Eliminate the Technical Gap for Yourself and More Importantly Your PAYING Customers (You Won’t Believe How Well This Works!)

Ready to Join the #1 Fastest Growing Facebook Advertising Family and Start a Sustainable Longterm Business TODAY?!


Here’s what you get when you enroll today.

A lot of courses on the market promise that they will make you rich in an insanely short period of time doing hardly any work. If this is what you are looking for then we should probably just part ways now because that is not what The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is all about….

This course is for people who are willing to invest their time and money into building a real, sustainable, scaleable business!

The people who will succeed in the future are the people who provide VALUE on Facebook and build a STRONG community to create lifelong customers!

Here’s what you get when you enroll today…

The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is not like ANY other Digital Marketing course where you just get access to a series of outdated, generic videos and zero support. Frankly, courses like that are a dime a dozen. There are way too many courses and very few practitioners actually cover EVERYTHING that you need to know…..

Complete Facebook Advertising Training!

You Get Unrestricted Access to videos with PROVEN Facebook Advertising techniques not known to 95%+ of Online Advertisers.

These Generate Substantial Income for Many Students With New Training Added Every Month FOREVER…

Get Kevin David – Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass 2018 on right now!

Private Student Facebook Group

Network with TONS of Other Successful Entrepreneurs that are SERIOUS about making money utilizing the power of Facebook Ads!

Learn BRAND NEW Secrets Directly from Ninja Kevin Himself!

Live Ninja Training Webinars

Weekly Live Ninja Training Webinars to Answer Your Questions & Remove ANY Roadblocks to Facebook Ad SUCCESS!

And Did We Mention LIVE WEEKLY TRAINING IN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP…? Because That is What you Get With EVERY Ninja Course!



If you are currently selling physical products or dropshipping then this course is a perfect fit for you.

Learn how to PROFITABLY scale winning campaigns using advanced strategies including manual bidding.


If you are selling ANY type of digital product such as an online course, eBook or Recipe the Masterclass was MADE FOR YOU!

Learn the basics of the Facebook Ad platform and build a rock-solid foundation.


If you are marketing for other products, this course will teach you to run PROFITABLE traffic to various affiliate networks.

You’ll Learn cutting-edge A/B testing and retargeting strategies that will help MAXIMIZE your profits.


Learn how to cost-effectively use Facebook Ads to grow your email and messenger list with the Masterclass!


Learn how to build awareness for ANY local business, drive more foot traffic and bridge the digital and physical divide with the Masterclass


Learn how to profitably launch, optimize and scale campaigns to grow your E-commerce store with the Masterclass.


Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside Of The Masterclass!

MODULE 1 – Understanding Facebook™ Ads & What Works + Vocabulary You Need to Know + The POWER of the Ninja Pixel Strategy!

How To Organize and Set up Our Ads for HUGE Profits
The Exact Sales Funnel I Used to Drive Over $1,500,000 Profit in 4 Months and How to Use This SAME Funnel to Drive Huge Traffic and Hugely Profitable Conversions!
The UNBELIEVABLE, Secret, Facebook™ Pixel Hack That Revolutionized My ENTIRE Online Business
The Undiscovered Google Analytics Secret That Allowed Me To TRIPLE My Sales Conversions
How To Create World-Class Lead Magnets that Will Attract Your Dream Customers!
How to Use My Favorite, “Authenticity” Hack to Build a HUGE, Passionate Facebook™ Presence, Without Spending a Fortune Doing it!
How to Use Lead Magnets to Build Cheap and MASSIVE Email Lists to Build an Interested Audience in What you Have to Sell!
MODULE 2 – How to Go From Complete Beginner to Facebook™ Ad Ninja + The ONLY Campaign Types YOU NEED!

How to Know Exactly How Much to Spend on Ads, When to Kill Campaigns that Aren’t Working and When to Scale Campaigns That ARE WORKING!
How I Get ALL of my Ads Massive Social Proof (Likes, Comments, Shares) Which Attracts Significantly Cheaper Conversions (Nothing Attracts a Crowd Quite like a Crowd!)
The Most Highly Effective Way To Target Potential Buyers And Find Your PERFECT Audience!
The Incredibly POWERFUL Yet Highly Overlooked Facebook™ Ad Campaign that Instantly Boosts Your Credibility to the Moon!
How to Create and Effectively Organize and Name Campaigns, Ads Sets, and Ads Quickly and Easily!
How to Duplicate Ad Sets and Ads to do Split-Testing and Campaign Scaling with the Click of a Button
Launch, Analyze and EVOLVE! Learn Exactly What to Look For and How to Adjust to Continually Drive Amazing Results!
MODULE 3 – How to Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences that Will Skyrocket Your Business (The Secret to Becoming a Master Advertiser!)

How to Target ANY Audience With Specific Narrower’s to Ensure That Your Ads Will ONLY Be Shown to Interested Buyers Every Single Time!
How to Utilize the Secret Power of Facebook™ HUGE Amounts of Data to Create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences of Extremely Targeted FB Users Ready to Buy Your Products or Services!
Learn the Powerful Yet Underutilized Differences Between Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences (HINT – International Markets are HUGELY Under Utilized and We Show You How!)
Build an Audience: Learn How to Build and Target an Audience of ONLY the Type of People Who are Already Clamoring for EXACTLY What You Are Selling.
How to Use Facebook’s™ HIDDEN Data to Completely Revolutionize Your Targeting Via Variable Match Analysis!
How to Create Offline Conversion Events and Leverage the Most Powerful Yet Least Understood Marketing Objective (Conversion Ads)
How to Use Interest Targeting & Audience Insights to Only Show Your Ads to People You KNOW Are Interested in What You’re Selling!
MODULE 4 – How to Create Ad Copy + Creative That CONVERT LIKE CRAZY (Become a Copywriting and Ad Image EXPERT Quicker Than You Thought Possible!)

How to Focus on Agitating the Problem Your Product Solves Before Pitching Your Actual Product (The Reverse Engineered Ad Technique)
How to Write Killer Copy That Does One Thing… CONVERTS (The Three Psychological Tactics We Have Proven Convert Like Crazy)
Writing High-Performing Facebook™ Ads is Part Art and Part Science (You’ll become Van Gogh Mixed with Einstein)
Two Places You Can go to Get Great Graphics Fast (And Design for Cheap Even if You’re Not a Graphic Artist)
How to Build an Awesome Facebook™ Ads Graphic from Scratch in Under 10 minutes without Needing Any Design Experience!
One Tool that Will COMPLETELY Change How you Look at Graphic Building Forever!
How to Find Extremely Cheap Graphic Designers that are Incredibly Talented (UNBELIEVABLY Worth the Money!)
MODULE 5 – How to Make a TON of Money WITHOUT Needing Your Own Product (Create Your Own Ad Agency Even Without ANY Experience!)

How to Market for Local Businesses (The Disconnect Between The Offline and Online World and How YOU Can Profit Connecting it!)
How Your Dentist Could Suddenly Start Paying You Instead of You Paying Them!?
What a Gymnasium, a Plumber and an Electrician Have in Common and How to Turn Each One into Lifelong Profit Partners!
How to Use Funnels to Eliminate the Technical Gap for Yourself and More Importantly Your PAYING Customers (You Won’t Believe How Well This Works!)
How to Get a TON of Paying Customers Even if You’re Terrible at Phone Sales and Have Never Sold Anything in Your Life (I Share my Exact Script Word for Word!)
How to Get Customers Results BEFORE They Pay You (Eliminating All Friction – Who Wouldn’t Pay $100 Dollars for $500 Dollars Worth of Profit?! NO ONE!)
MODULE 6 – The One Thing That Will Make or Break Your Facebook™ Ad Profitability (How Properly Retargeting Can Immediately Change Your Entire Business!)

The Secret Between Those who Succeed With Facebook™ Ads and Those Who Fail. The Unlimited POWER of Retargeting and the Secret Hacks We Used to Unlock Multiple $100,000 PROFIT Days Selling with Facebook™ Advertising!
How to DRASTICALLY Lower Your Ad Costs While Increasing Conversions! (Not as Hard as You Think)
How to Turn Your Pixel Into Your Best Friend – Secret Ninja Tactics to Leverage the Power of the Pixel to Explode Your Campaigns!
How to Use Facebook’s™ Unbelievable Amounts of Data to Create Laser Targeted Audiences Who Are WAITING to Buy What You’re Selling!
How to Scale Ad Campaigns to the Moon and More Importantly do so the RIGHT Way (You Can Ruin Everything by Making this Mistake!)
How to Target Your Customers Who Watch a Certain Percentage of Your Videos or Who View Your Ads (Hint – People Who Watch 50% of Your Videos are 100x More Likely to Buy Your Product via Retargeting!)
How to Find HUGE Audiences who Share Common Traits with Your BUYERS – And How to Convert Them into Buyers (Quick + Easy Ninja Method)
How to Leverage the Power of International Audiences to Get More Customers than You Ever Thought Possible!

How to Create a FREE Facebook™ Ad Funnel Using the Trip Wire Technique + the 6 UNDERUTILIZED Psychological Tricks That Will Instantly Change Your Ads FOREVER!


The Ninja Instagram Blueprint: Exactly How I Use a Few Simple Tricks to Take Advantage of The Highest Most Active Social Media – and How to Use it to Drive Unlimited Profitable & Fanatical BUYERS to Your Business!


How I Use Messenger Bots + Funnels to Instantly Double My Conversion Rates from One Little Known HACK (And How You Can Apply it To YOUR Business Today!)

Get Kevin David – Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass 2018 right now!


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