Ken Wilber – Essential Integral Course 1

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Ken Wilber – Essential Integral Course 1

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Ken Wilber – Essential Integral Course 1

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Course 01: Essential Integral

Integral or AQAL approach is built by Integral phylosopher Ken Wilber and is based around five essential elements – called Quadrants, Lines, Levels, States, and Types. A self-paced, interactive walkthrough of the most widely acclaimed map of human potential. This course contains over 20 hours of instruction and activities. Finally, a way to discover the Integral Approach that is both actionable and comprehensive.

Course consists of 8 cd’s or 7 lessons:

Lesson One: Introduction

Lesson Two: Quadrants

Lesson Three: Lines

Lesson Four: Levels (pt 1)

Lesson Four: Levels (pt. 2)

Lesson Five: States

Lesson Six: Types

Lesson Seven: Conclusion

Course 02: Advanced Integral

Course two is further exploration of integral philosophy and is useful and essential knowledge for anyone wishing to further explore them selves. It should not be taken if one is not studied and completed course one. With the launch of Advanced Integral,  your journey through the Integral approach continues. The release of Advanced Integral marks the descent of Integral’s most esoteric and nuanced topics. Advanced integral consists of 8cd’s or 7 lessons:

Lesson One: Introduction

Lesson Two: Holons

Lesson Three: Zones

Lesson Four: Methods (pt 1)

Lesson Four: Methods (pt. 2)

Lesson Five: Individual Development

Lesson Six: Collective Development

Lesson Seven: Conclusion

• Obviously, there were problems with both seeding and leeching a great cluster of small files here.  I am sorry for that inconvenience. So, I decided to try with two large ZIP files, instead of ISO. My apologies are supplemented with a collection of 10 Wilber’s e-books.

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