Keith Krance – Everlasting Ad master Classs | Instant Download !

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Keith Krance – Everlasting Ad master Classs | Instant Download !

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Keith Krance – Everlasting Ad master Classs | Instant Download !



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Module 1 – System Designing & Full Ads Manager Tutorials

Welcome to the Course

Keith does not mention in the Video that there is an accompanying WORKBOOK for you to download an…

Facebook Ad Basic Structure & Key Performance Impactors

Facebook principles will show you how Facebook has divided up the marketing tasks and management …

FB Business Manager Tour

Before you move on Open your Business Manager account and Know how to add or create your …

FB Ads Manager Tour

Before you move on make sure you can Know how to add or create your Ad Account in&nb…

Building an Ad from Pixel to Audiences to Publishing

Things you should understand before moving on: Create a conversion campaign Understand the di…

Module 1 – Checkride – Get Checked Out

You made it to the End of Module #1 Please download the Checklist and verify that you understand…

Module 2 Selling Systems & Landing Pages

Introduction: Selling Systems (Destinations) For Your Ads

Local & Service-Based Business

Slides and Coupons for Local Based Service SLIDES

Digital Products – Entry Points and Offers

Digital Product and B2B Slides: SLIDES

Digital Products – B2B Mid-Tier Entry Offer  

Digital Product – Webinar or Free Video

Physical Product – Business to Consumer (eCommerce)

Physical Products Ecomm Slides SLIDES

Offers: Consultant – Agency – Freelance

Consulting and Agency Slides SLIDES

Everything Landingpages: Strategies Standards and Examples

Download include:  Slides and Example Links Also Download the “DWM Landing Page Compliance …

Landing Pages: Q&A with Critiques of Your Pages

Module 2 – Checkride – Get Checked Out

Module 3: U.P.S.Y.D. Awareness Mastery & Hacking Your Top 1% Hook

Balancing Momentum with System Building

Module 3 was Previously Module 2, You are actually in Module 3.  

4 Buyer Personas & Customer Buyer Cycles

The UPSYD Awareness Journey

Working Up Your Hook And Avatar Part 1

Working Your Hook Parts 1 and 2 are from the Hack Your Hook Workshop. If you have completed the …

Working Up Your Hook And Avatar Part 2

Module 3 – Checkride – Get Checked Out


Module 4 Story Mapping and Finding the Right Style

Getting Started

The Everlasting Ad Scripting Tool – Introduction & Toolbox

There are a two main tools you need for the Everlasting Ad Script Building Tool. 1) The Tre…

Implementation Workshop Recordings

Workshop introduction

Workshop Review of The 3 Act Framework

Workshop How to Implement

Foundational and Wildcard Blocks

ACT 1 Blocks

ACT 2 & 3 Blocks

Foundational & Wildcard Blocks

Your Solution or Mechanism

WHAT is Your Solution or Offer (Your ‘Unique Mechanism’)? WHO it’s for, WHAT Pr…

Beliefs and Emotions

This is truly a foundational exercise. Get into your avatar’s psyche and write out what is g…

Transformation – Examples

After watching the video and making your notes.   Use Comments Below to Submit an Ad that …


How can you demonstrate your product or service in action? (Solving a problem, achieving a desire…

Symbolic Thought: Metaphors, Analogies, Similes, Powerful Statistics, etc.

Symbolic thought is the representation of reality through the use of abstract concepts such as wo…


This is rather self explanatory, remember entertainment can come in many forms.  While humo…

Overcome Self-Doubt

We need to let them know that it’s…-“It’s not your fault.”-“Will it work for me?&rd…


WHO -The Beacon Callout

How can you get the attention of your avatar in a compelling but non-annoying manner? Beacon Cal…

The Big Promise

What is Your Big Idea/Big Promise or Brand Promise? (If you’re an eCommerce company with m…

Debunk a Common Belief

Breakdown of Debunking Common Belief The Ketogenic Living “Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal …

Success Story, Authority, or Credibility Proving a Point

What case studies, success stories, or unique experiences do you have that give you credibility? …

Curiosity Open Loop

We will sit through a good 180-minute movie without a bathroom break, because we don’t want…

Pattern Interrupt

Brainstorm on possible ideas to stop the scroll. (Using movement, an odd scene, tex…

CTA: Call To Action

What is the most logical next step? Why is it important? How will it help them solve the problem …


New Opportunity (Unique Mechanism Intro or Tease)

Your Proven Process that Differentiates You from the Competition Do you have a 3-Step, 5-Step, o…

Benefits, Bullets, or Desires

-What tangible or external outcomes, things or experiences does your character desire? -What int…

Pains & Problems | Challenges & Frustrations

What’s keeping him or her from getting what they want? What past experiences have caused pa…

‘Aha Moment’ (Inform of a New Idea)

FB & IG ads are amazing for helping people become aware of a problem they might NOT know they…

Map a Unique Process

Do you have a 3-Step, 5-Step, or 7-Step, etc. process that you can introduce and/or create a vide…

Story Dialogue: Real Life Scene

Crisis / Inciting Incident / Call to Adventure:-What are some of the real life crisis moments, in…


What are the most compelling or distinguishing features of your product or service you can highli…

CTA: Call To Action

What is the most logical next step? Why is it important? How will it help them solve the problem …


What You’ll Get Bullets

List out the most compelling features, benefits, topics covered, etc. that the reader will get wh…

Social Proof: Testimonials, Ratings & Reviews

Google Doc with Examples

CTA: Call To Action

What is the most logical next step? Why is it important? How will it help them solve the problem …

Risk Reversal: Overcoming Objections or Indecision

List out common questions, objections, or confusion people may have about your offe…

High Frequency Salutation

Module 4 CheckRide Quiz

Module 4 Story Mapping Quiz

Following your Quiz you can get the results. 90-100%   Move on to Module 5 80% …

Module 5 Finishing Copy and Scripts

Resources and Downloads for Module 5

Download Section has the Lucid Chart from the Video.   If you have a Lucid Chart Account, ..

Blocks to Writing: Processes, Outlines and Writing

Downloads mentioned are in Module Introduction.

Blocks to Writing: Tips and Methods

Downloads mentioned in video are available in the Module Introduction.

Example: Writing with the Blocks and Editing with Keith

This video features a JetStream Client on the weekly coaching call. Previously the client had bee…

Module 6 Launching the Ad with the Right Set-Up and Audiences

Introduction and Facebook Ad Campaign Structure

Building a Campaign Structur

Understanding Campaign Objectives

Creating Awesome Audiences

Create and Launch Ad

Facebook Reporting and Analysis


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