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Katie Evans – Ordinary To Extraordinary

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Take Your Photography to the Highest Level

5 Weeks to mastering you camera in this masterclass

What is Ordinary to Extrodinary?


The Ordinary to Extraordinary course is a 5 week, interactive video-based training program that takes what you know technically and helps you know artistically what to look & watch out for.

This course will help you get inside the mind frame of what professionals are focusing on and how to diagnosis each situation to better serve the final picture.

How does the Ordinary to Extraordinary course work?

In this masterclass, there will be daily modules that will consist of easy-to-follow videos, a workbook, and a copy of Katie Evans’ best-selling book “The Key to Natural Posing”. All of the training is online, contained in the private Ordinary to Extraordinary members only site and facebook group. Students can view the training videos, connect with others, and compare notes with classmates.

Who should take the Ordinary to Extraordinary course?

Ordinary to Extraordinary is for photographers who know the basics and are comfortable with their camera and are ready to know what professional are thinking and looking for in a shoot. This is the difference between having a well taken picture to a head turning work of art.

Course curriculum

Getting Started

Module 1: Utilizing Natural Light

Module 2: Effortless Interaction with Subjects

Module 3: Easy and Natural Posing

Module 4: Crystal Clear Focusing

Module 5: Unique Story Telling through Composition

Bonus Module: Solutions & Answers

The Key to Natural Posing ebook

Module 1 Overview

Lighting in the Shade

Lighting Indoors

Lighting in Full Sun/Cloudy



Editing Backlighting and Silhouettes

Live Session: Module 1

Get Katie Evans – Ordinary To Extraordinary  right now!

Module 2 Overview

How to Interact With Younger Kids

How to Interact With Older Kids/Teens/Adults

How to Build Your Own Self Confidence

Live Session: Module 2

Module 3 Overview

Natural Posing: Part 1

Natural Posing: Part 2

Flattering Angles FREE TRIAL

Module 4: Overview

4 Key Components to Sharp Photos

Lenses for Sharp Photos

Landing the Focal Point

How Depth of Field Affects Sharp Photos

Increase Sharpness in Editing

Module 5: Overview

Rules of Composition

Watch Your Background

Filling the Frame


Straight Lines

Telling the Story Through Composition

Trying Out New Angles

Before & After’s

Bonus Module: Overview

Solutions and Answers Video

Your Mentor

Katie Evans

What’s the Investment? Are There Payment Plans or Scholarships?

The investment for Ordinary to Extraordinary is $147. Yes, we do offer payment plans and hold a scholarship contest every year. During our most recent contest, we awarded 2 scholarships.

Get Katie Evans – Ordinary To Extraordinary right now!
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Katie Evans – Ordinary To Extraordinary

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