Jumpstarttrading – Order Flow Pro | Instant Download !

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Jumpstarttrading – Order Flow Pro | Instant Download !

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Jumpstarttrading – Order Flow Pro | Instant Download !



Order Flow Pro of JumpStart Trading: The key for peak trading performance

When it comes to consistently producing excellent trading results, Order Flow Pro from JumpStart Trading is the key. Traders will be free to design their own course through this three-module training program, which is self-paced and non-intimidating (there is no BS). Over the course of his career, Adam Abbas has instructed hundreds of traders, including acting as the chief trainer for the second largest private equity company in the United States. He understands what it takes to assist individuals such as you in becoming successful investors. All training courses are accessible on-demand, allowing you to continue at your own pace through the material.

With over 15 years of trading expertise, Order Flow Pro is the pinnacle of that experience and has been thoroughly tested. Along with learning the trading strategy, you will also learn about its underlying philosophy and why it is successful. Upon joining the Discord Community, each Pro Member will be invited to share their experience with other members. Creating opportunities for contact with other community members and teachers, while also providing mutual support, is the goal of this group. Additional to this, you will be invited to participate in the bi-monthly Closing Bell webinar, which is a live Q&A session that is available to all members. For any trader, friendship and a healthy dose of competition are beneficial.

Here is what you expect to learn from the Order Flow Pro of JumpStart Trading:

Module 1

  • Intro
  • Chart Downloads & Installs
  • Questionnaire and Next Steps
  • Chart Overview

Module 2

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Footprint Charts
  • Indicator 1
  • Indicator 2
  • The Setup
  • Macro Picture
  • Trade Management

Module 3

  • Risk Management
  • Backtesting and Sim-Testing
  • Psychology
  • Trading Plan
  • Building Your Machine


  • Closing Bell Recordings
  • Trade Setups
  • Trade Journal
  • Chart Templates


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