Julie Reynolds – YouTube Academy For Network Marketers | Instant Download !

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Julie Reynolds – YouTube Academy For Network Marketers | Instant Download !

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Julie Reynolds – YouTube Academy For Network Marketers | Instant Download !



Join YouTube Academy For Network Marketers Now To Create a Winning DOWNLINE, a pool of loyal customers, and to start living the life of your dreams thanks to Network Marketing

From the desk of: Julie Reynolds, Top Leader

To you:

Dear fellow Network Marketer,

Maybe we don’t know each other personally, but I know something about you and I have something important to tell you…

They screwed you.


When you started this business your upline  promised that in no time you’d quit your 9-5 and live your dream life. They promised me the same too.


They made you believe that it would be as easy as making a list of 100 names and ‘bam’ you’d have instant success in the company. 


They told you all that you needed to do was  “share” and “recommend” to find new customers or business builders.


But nothing seems to work.  You’ve made the name list, you’ve started sharing, maybe you’ve even started a website with some paid ads.


Yet in the best of cases, the new members on your team can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In the worst of cases, you have few customers and nobody on your team. 

You have jumped on every call and gone to every convention imaginable. After leaving the events you felt the sensation of being a “Superwoman” Network Marketer, but then after 2 days you went back to being your regular old self with zero results. 


You are a true go-getter and  extended your list of 100 to 1000  with all your friends, relatives, acquaintances and even strangers. Then you started calling or (dare I say it….spamming) them on Facebook only to waste time – both yours and theirs and feel icky at the end of the day.  If you send one more “hey girl” message you might scream!


You are following everything your upline’s says, yet you have difficulty recruiting serious business builders. 


You have prepared business cards, flyers and brochures. You have sent promotional emails to merchants, friends, acquaintances, gyms, spas, herbalists, beauticians, naturopaths with the hope of receiving a reply with the subject “I want to know more” – but that reply NEVER ARRIVED. And you’re feeling DISAPPOINTED and DEFEATED.


Or you’ve even tried to build “online” creating your own website from Wix or WordPress and building an email list only to see mediocre results. 


You can’t find loyal customers for your products and / or services


Your spending far more than you are making 


You feel lonely, disappointed, tired and overwhelmed


Having already experienced all these feelings myself,  I know exactly what you’re thinking:


  1. Leave Network Marketing or 
  2. Change companies


Now I do not want you to dwell on the first option, because you know what this business is capable of achieving for you.


If you are thinking of changing companies  no that in most cases this will NOT HELP.


But not only that – this path is extremely dangerous – especially for someone who hasn’t had a ton of success.  


First of all because your friends and family will think you are company hopping and won’t take your new venture seriously.   


But more importantly,  it is not a good business move because at the end of day if you’re lacking strategy it doesn’t matter what company you’re at.  


Changing Your Company won’t make your problems go away…

My friend, listen to me…


There are people who need you, your opportunity and your company’s products like they are a source of fresh water in the middle of the desert .


What remains for you to discover is how to reach them and sell them your idea or products / services.


There are people who seriously need your help … but first YOU NEED HELP, TOO.


Because if you don’t know how to reach them NOTHING WORKS!

And now you need to decide.  Do you want to get help or try and go at this network marketing thing alone. 


But I am confident that because you are reading this you are ready to take massive action and makes your dreams come true.  


Now, when I tell you that I have discovered the duplicatable SIMPLE steps  that allows you to create an amazing  DOWNLINE, a massive amount of customers each month, and the ability to start living the life of your dreams, I’m not kidding.


And when I tell you that  I can explain them to you, please listen carefully…


You see, I know 100% what you are going through and what your frustrations are.  


They told you the usual story… “Simply sign up, sponsor 3 recruits, they sponsor another 3 recruits, everyone will sponsor 3 recruits and you will be a WINNER! $ 10,000+  per month passive income, company car and lots of vacations.  


Quite right? Well, we both KNOW that’s not how it works.

SALES Is The Name Of The Game

And if you are reading this, then you are likely struggling to get consistent sales


Naturally, you want more sales. You’ve probably looked into social media and networking events for help. Typically, that means you’ve tried one of two things and failed:

  1. Either you spent a lot of money trying to learn how to use social media to grow your network marketing business. Or….
  2. Spent countless hours networking with strangers at networking events, and the only thing that has increased is the number of people who ignore you.


Whichever path you chose, it certainly wasn’t worth the time or money. You were back where you started. While you know that great network marketers bring in many sales on autopilot, you don’t know how to duplicate that for yourself.


You were told network marketing was easy. You wanted to build a strong financial backup for your family. You wanted to move in to a bigger house. You wanted to take your kids to Disney World. You wanted to surprise your spouse with that brand new car….


You put your heart and soul into your business. Why? Because you believed in your dreams. That one day all your dreams would come true. But now you find yourself at a cross roads where you feel you are lucky if you are able to make even a couple of sales a month. 


I know you don’t want to continue.


You don’t want to be stuck banging your head against the wall on Facebook and Instagram trying to find more people to purchase your product and join your team….


You don’t want to be stuck in your 9-5 job or stuck at the same rank you’ve been in for a while….


Finding new customers and generating sales is a struggle you go through every single month… and you want that struggle to stop….


You long for the freedom you desire and wish for….


You are fed up settling for the status quo and not building to the next level….


Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? It would be if you couldn’t do anything to change it.


Fortunately, you can… And there is a solution…


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