Julie Renee – 100% Full Body Ownership – Home Study | Instant Download !

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Julie Renee – 100% Full Body Ownership – Home Study | Instant Download !

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Julie Renee – 100% Full Body Ownership – Home Study | Instant Download !



100% You Program - Julie Renee

Julie Renee – 100% Full Body Ownership

Home Study Course

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to really own their body while others don’t? Without full body ownership you may struggle to get ahead, never really get a good nights rest, suffer from frequent headaches, get in car accidents, endure, you’re prone to having problems with spiritual parasites, nerve pain, frequent problems with the immune system, frequent problems with money or love.

100% Full Body Ownership

To Own Your Body means that you are the producer and director of your own show. You are the one who chooses great health, and how much wealth is coming towards you. You get to magnetize deep love and sustain this because your body is aligned with your essential nature and you are in the driver’s seat of your life.

Get immediately download Julie Renee – 100% Full Body Ownership

People who have full body ownership have:

Great health
Incredible love relationships
Make all the money they want
Live in an awesome home
Be in charge and
Powerful Beyond Measure!

After a particularly frightening and emotionally traumatic event, Julie Renee helped me feel safe again. She gave me the tools to find my own strength and faith in myself. Something that has come back to me in tenfold, just as she had said it could.

– Kelly

One of the worst things about being sick for more then 20 years is how little I really owned my body. I know because I spent much of my life sick, tired, confused and broke. I endured abuse, financial ruin and devastation of my body, 2 ½ years of my life in a hospital bed fighting for my life, a year in a wheel chair, on crazy amounts of medication, and to top that all off I died twice. What I know about this time in my life is that I was not in charge of my body. I did not have a clue how to own my body and direct my path. As I have awakened to the knowledge of the human blueprint I have had many ah ha moments and am now on the path of full self-expression and full body ownership. I am so excited to share this incredible wisdom with you on what I have learned so far and how to step more powerfully into your life now.

100% Full Body Ownership is a 4 part series that addresses the area of your Blueprint we call ‘Matter’ or the body. In this powerful course I’ll help you own your body 100% through:

Active quantum shift clearings
Guided meditations with powerful imagery
Weekly assignments you can implement between classes

You will move into full body ownership and have a plan mapped out for you on how to maintain and sustain the improvements you experience. What we’re ultimately doing is increasing and improving the ease and relatedness of your essential nature, or spirit to body, and super charging your ability to own your life!

Class 1 Removing agreements with self, curses, DNA and 22 other blocks towards full body ownership
Class 2 Making room for spirit in body, removing dark energies and blocks to you living in your body
Class 3 Removing Parental DNA Clan programs to be less than or have less
Class 4 Integration, the steps to fulfillment

Only $197

WOW JULIE!!! I AM SO UTTERLY THANK FUL AND DEEPLY GRATEFUL for you shine your Light on me and help me so much to achieve my dreams and shine my divine Light unto others too….tears are close…

Get immediately download Julie Renee – 100% Full Body Ownership

– Sharon

This program is for both the early learner and the apprentice as we take you into deeper levels of learning and implementing. 100% Full Body Ownership is part of the Quantum Activations Academy core training and addresses both Matter and Essence. We begin to address the issue of health and the relationship of the physical body to the spiritual body.

By doing this program you will gain momentum in full body ownership and feel powerful beyond measure. You become the master director of your experience. By the way, this class is apprentice level training! You will acquire a foundation knowledge of how spirit and body work best together. We’ll not only learn, but we are going to improve your life exponentially as your spirit and body can be more profoundly connected to each other! Now that sounds great to me!

The tuition is only $197. Now if you were to work with me for those 4 hours one to one you would expect to invest $8000. But in this group training I am able to work with you at a very low investment and we are going to produce incredible results for you! I’ve spent a lifetime sorting this all out, I’d be honored to share my wisdom and shifts with you around full body ownership.

As a special bonus for enrolling today you’ll receive the ‘Grounded and Calm’ mediation and transcript from the Q5 App. Becoming calm and grounded will usher your spirit back into your bodily temple and restore it to a regenerative parasympathetic system. With calm and serenity everything is possible. Remember, you too can step back into your Self!

Together we can get you in charge of your life, step by step you’ll move into 100% full body ownership.

Okay so just to review details:

4 live trainings focused on 100% full self expression
Replays in video and audio form as well as transcripts
Bonus Mediation Grounded and Calm with Transcript
Weekly guidance with homework assignments given in each class

Today, Wed, I am full of energy. I am not known for my high energy- quite the opposite, I have been running around taking care of business and going seamlessly from one task to the other. I have not even crashed yet, which usually happens around 3:00 and I have been up since 5:00. I have been enjoying the best sleep too. I feel happy and more at peace with myself. this has been a long time coming.

– Ellen

100% Full Body Ownership is Attainable But you have to get started. Together we can get you back in charge of your life after all you are powerful beyond measure isn’t it time you started living that as your truth?

Get immediately download Julie Renee – 100% Full Body Ownership

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