Julie Bjelland – Self-Paced Course-HSP Brain Training | Instant Download !

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Julie Bjelland – Self-Paced Course-HSP Brain Training | Instant Download !

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Julie Bjelland – Self-Paced Course-HSP Brain Training | Instant Download !


Brain-Training for the Highly Sensitive Person — Techniques to Reduce Anxiety & Overwhelming Emotions
Train Your Brain So You Can Live Your Best Life

Is the chaos in the world overwhelming you?
Highly Sensitive People have particular brain differences that make us more susceptible to high stress, overwhelm and even anxiety. Thankfully, there is a way to train your brain so you can navigate the challenges of high sensitivity, access your gifts, and live your fullest life!
Highly Sensitive People often struggle with…
High Stress Levels and Anxiety Holding You Back In Life

Overwhelming Emotions

Feeling Overly Sensitive and Reactionary

Having Low Energy or Being Depleted

Trouble Sleeping

Feeling Not Good Enough

Having a Hard Time Saying No or Creating Healthy Boundaries

Low Self-Esteem or Self Worth

You are not alone. Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) make up at least 20% of the population and there are specific brain differences that make us more susceptible to increased stress, depression, anxiety and overwhelming emotions. We were born with these supercomputer brains, but no one taught us how to navigate these differences.

Until now.
Just imagine….
What your life would be like if you lived in a calm, centered space and felt balance in your life

Feeling more in control of your emotions and being able to pause, reflect and respond, instead of react

Having more energy, even creating extra brain space to get the creative center in your brain flowing strongly

Sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed and positive

Living your life in alignment with your core values of meaning and purpose, and honoring who you are

Feeling fulfilled and positive at work

Knowing your needs and getting them met, being able to set healthy boundaries without guilt

Feeling more connected and close in your relationships and friendships

Feeling calm in situations that used to make you feel anxious or overwhelmed

Who Am I and How Can I Help?

Julie Bjelland headshot – square.jpg
I’m Julie Bjelland, a psychotherapist, author, and founder of the online community, Sensitive Empowerment. I’ve helped thousands of highly sensitive people just like you move out of survival mode into thriving and empowerment. Being an “untrained” HSP is really hard. I know because I used to struggle too. Before I knew about this trait of high sensitivity I walked around in the world feeling like my sensitivity was a weakness and experienced high levels of anxiety and depression. I felt different and misunderstood, like there was something wrong with me. Now as a “trained” HSP I get to live my life aligned in my center, feeling balanced and strong, living my best life! I want that for you too! I want to help you become a “trained” HSP, one that knows how to navigate the emotional brain and live the life you deserve. Also, if you work with HSPs in your profession, or have highly sensitive children, you will love learning these tools to pass onto them! As a mother to sensitive children, I know that having these tools helps them too!

I specialize in the unique brains of HSPs and it is my mission to help you thrive. I’ve taken what I know about the trait, what I know about the brain, and what I know about the actual experience of extreme sensitivity and developed this online course for HSPs to gain these necessary tools through this 8-week program.

I know for sure, without a doubt, life can be SO much better with the right tools and information. Sensitivity comes with so many gifts and I want you to discover the positives within you.

About This Course

What Can You Gain From This Course?
Being able to feel a feeling without it overwhelming you.

Energy, focus, creativity and productivity increased

Finding your internal spark of joy and living in alignment with what honors you

Feel more in control and respond instead of react to emotional experiences

Self-esteem and self-worth increased

Free yourself from intense, out-of-control overload

Sleep well and wake up restored

Self-compassion and self-love increased

Feel more connected

The ability to create healthy boundaries and say no

Become educated about new neuroscience and research that addresses the true differences in your HSP brain

Course Outline

Written Materials and Videos

Week 1
Creating Brain Space and filling up the Positives

Week 2
About the Limbic System and Neural Pathway Training

Week 3
Practicing Self Care and Self Compassion. The Right Way for HSPs.

Week 4
Compassionate Exploration to Lower your Stress Levels

Week 5
Identifying Your Emotional Triggers and Learning How to Navigate your Limbic System

Week 6
Identifying Your Sensory Triggers and Accommodations

Week 7
Accessing the Positive Superpowers of being a Highly Sensitive Person

Week 8
Conclusion: Living Well and Authentically as a Highly Sensitive Person


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