Julian Reeves – Drop Shipping Training Guide | Instant Download !

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Julian Reeves – Drop Shipping Training Guide | Instant Download !

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Julian Reeves – Drop Shipping Training Guide | Instant Download !


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Welcome to The Drop Shipping Training Guide! In this course we present all of the proven strategies that have been used to create and grow Shopify drop-shipping stores to $5-20K a month. You’ll then learn how to take those strategies and use them to build your own profitable drop-shipping stores.

Why You Need To Be Learning About E-Commerce:

According to Adobe, in 2017, there was $5.03 billion spent on Black Friday ONLINE. The world of e-commerce is growing rapidly, looking at a company like Amazon that’s entire foundation is built on SELLING ITEMS ONLINE, it would be foolish not to see how big of a role ONLINE COMMERCE is playing in the world today.

Seeing the bigger picture in e-commerce, I dropped out of college to focus on learning through books and online courses. Once I started to unravel more knowledge it became clear that the only thing holding regular people back from making 6-7 figures per year was a limited mindset on the possibilities of setting up businesses online.

The internet and social media have opened us up to a magic-like ability to create businesses with UNLIMITED REACH that would have sounded insane 10-20 years ago.

In this course, I walk you through the same strategies and knowledge that took me from a complete beginner to an expert, ready to make full-time yearly incomes in 2-3 months.

Course Curriculum

Access to the Mastermind Group
StartCreator Club Invitation
Understanding The Fundamentals of Drop Shipping
StartWho Is This Course For? (5:36)
StartWhat is Dropshipping? (13:06)
StartGoal Setting 101 (1:25)
StartSecret Skill of the Wealthy (13:49)
StartBranding 101 (2:16)
Building Your Store
StartCreating Your Website with Shopify (39:19)
StartDomains and Shopify Plans
StartShipping Rates (14:58)
StartFulfilling Orders (3:05)
StartWhich Stores Make the Most Money? (14:10)
StartThe Website Checklist That Made Me $8,000
Finding Winning Products (General Store Only)
StartFinding Hot & Trendy Products (General Stores Only) (21:47)
StartSecret Spy Tools (7:35)
Facebook Advertising
StartSetting Up FB Business Manager (7:07)
StartUsing the FB Pixel (10:13)
StartTesting and Scaling with FB Ads (41:17)
StartFacebook Fan Pages (12:54)
Start*BONUS* – Facebook Ad Mastery Guide
Instagram Influencers
StartHow to Find Instagram Influencers (7:23)
StartNegotiating With Influencers (6:06)
StartBuilding Products Around Influencers (7:44)
Email Marketing
StartHow to Use Your Email List to Extract Automatic Money Every Month (10:00)
Scaling Up and Automating Sales
StartAutomating Instagram Sales (13:43)
StartRetargeting Website Visitors to Increase Profit (23:35)
Automating The Business
StartHiring Strategy 101 (10:49)
StartHow to Hire Virtual Assistants (15:14)
*BONUS* – Advanced Conversion Boosters
StartWhy Most Drop Shippers Fail (22:56)
StartEmail Marketing Mastery Guide


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