Jordan Hefler – Mastering iPhoneography | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Jordan Hefler – Mastering iPhoneography | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Jordan Hefler – Mastering iPhoneography | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !



What if you could create branded content that would strategically attract new business, enable you to have creative control, and give you confidence and inspiration DAILY?

And do it all with your phone?!

This course will focus on JUST taking and editing photos with your iPhone. I recommend purchasing the BUNDLED Create Killer Consistent Content course if you are interested in this information as well as branding and visual strategy!

“Prior to taking this course I felt pretty confident in my iPhoneography skills – but after I learned a BOATLOAD about editing, lighting, composition and flat lay photography! Jordan explains each of her steps and even gives real-time editing and photography examples. Even if you’re a novice, this course will teach you even more tips and tricks to take your iPhone pictures to the next level!”

-Brittney McZeal


With the Mastering iPhoneography course, you will learn how to:

  • Stage photos to create content
  • Take and edit (really edit..NOT filter) photos with your iPhone
  • Find and create the best lighting for your photos
  • Create a consistent aesthetic for your photos
  • Think creatively about content creation with what’s already around you

And you get to do it all at your own pace, online.

*This course will have an emphasis on Instagram as the primary social media platform

These workshops are for you if:

  • Your social media platforms are not growing
  • You are a solopreneur, content creator, or manage social media accounts
  • You want to create compelling content that reflects you and drives traffic to your product
  • You’re creative and love social media, but are inconsistent and in-cohesive
  • You don’t have a budget to hire someone in creative marketing…but you do have an iPhone

Imagine if you could…

  • Organically grow traffic with quality content
  • Have people recognize your branded content before they even see your name
  • Be confident in your aesthetic and strategy… because it’s not fake, it’s authentically who you are and what YOU like
  • Create compelling content with what’s already around you
  • Have full creative control, DO WHAT YOU WANT and DO IT YOURSELF

I promise this is all possible.

I have implemented the strategies in the Do What You Want Workshops in my own life and business every day- and I’ve created a creative career out of it.

Let me save you the time (and money) with the Do What You Want Workshops, where I share with you the knowledge and methods that I’ve already known to be effective.


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