John Martinez – REI Sales Academy

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John Martinez – REI Sales Academy

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John Martinez – REI Sales Academy

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What’s This REI Sales Academy Bootcamp All About?
Here’s What You Can Expect From the Bootcamp:

The Entire Sales Academy Is Delivered Over 2 Intense Days
Tons of Role Play & Interaction
Opportunity to Build Relationships With Top Investors & Acquisition Agents From Around the Country
Optional REI Sales Mastermind Bonus Day For Business Owners
How Does the Bootcamp Differ From the Online Sales Academy?
The content does not differ between the Online Academy and the Bootcamp.

The strategies, tactics, and techniques in the Online Academy and the Bootcamp have proven to be the most effective in the industry.

The Bootcamp and Online Academy both require roughly 16 hours to complete.

The difference is that the Bootcamp delivers all the content within two days, whereas the Online Academy delivers the content in bite sized chunks over the course of twelve weeks.

Both the Bootcamp and Online Academy are delivered Live.

The main difference between the two is that the bootcamp is delivered face to face and belly to belly.

Playbook Completion
Attendees in the Online Academy and at the Bootcamp both receive “Playbooks”.

The bootcamp allows time to fill out the Playbooks while going through the content whereas participants of the Online Academy have to fill out their Playbooks on their own.

Optional REI Sales Mastermind Bonus Day
The Online Academy has no REI Sales Mastermind Option for Business Owners/Leadership

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What Happens at The Bootcamp?

REI Sales Training
Two Days of Industry Leading, Best In Class REI Sales & Acquisitions Training.

Playbook Creation
You will use “Playbooks” to translate scripts, tactics, strategies and techniques into your own words, and to appropriately address your specific prospects & sales scenarios.

Mastermind Bonus Day
Business Owners will have the option to stay an extra day after the REI Sales Training Bootcamp for a Sales-Focused Mastermind… Facilitated by John Martinez

What’s This Optional 3rd Day For Business Owners Mastermind All About?
Owner’s 3rd Day Sales Mastermind
This Optional Day is strictly for business owners. For those of you who want to walk away with a turnkey sales system… complete with internal branded training for all current and future employees in sales related roles, this is for you.

Here are the topics we’ll cover during the Owner’s Mastermind Day:
Roles & Responsibilities (Lead Lifecycle)
Finding & Hiring Talent
Managing a Sales Team and Holding Them Accountable
Salesperson Ramp Up/Coaching
Streamlining and Automation (CRM)
Lead Maximization
Get John Martinez – REI Sales Academy right now!

John Martinez – REI Sales Academy


John Martinez – REI Sales Academy


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