John Maguire – Structural Kinesiology Course Online | Instant Download !

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John Maguire – Structural Kinesiology Course Online | Instant Download !

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John Maguire – Structural Kinesiology Course Online | Instant Download !


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If you’re currently a natural health professional or want to become one, this comprehensive program will train you in many powerful skills and protocols to help you transform the lives of your clients, as well as the lives of your family, friends and yourself.  Accredited with NCBTMB for Continuing Education Credits for Massage Therapists.  

This is also perfect if you want to develop a new career in an exciting field and become successful helping people achieve optimum health and longevity. You do not have to have any formal training in health care.

What the Program Consists Of:

  • Twenty-four online classes with professionally filmed and edited videos demonstrating the techniques
  • PowerPoint presentations and manuals that clearly describe the theory and protocols
  •  Online sessions where you’ll get answers to your questions, along with additional coaching
  • Assignments and quizzes after each class to help you master the procedures and material
  • Unlimited access to classes so you can review them as many times as you like at your own pace
  • You can be paired up with an accountability partner to support your learning and growth

You’ll Learn:

  • How to test the major muscles of the body – along with each muscle’s location, function, associated organ and meridian, indications of dysfunction and signs of postural imbalance
  • Injury Recall Technique – probably the most important correction you can do for someone that clears the neurological memory of an injury to restore energy flow and range of motion and help prevent future injuries.
  • Lymphatic Drainage techniques – to restore proper lymphatic flow and help rid the body of toxins
  • Hidden Muscle Failure – to uncover imbalances not detected with normal testing
  • Aerobic muscle testing – how to find challenges that occur with sustained muscle use
  • Myofascial Release – how to test and correct tightness in the fascial plains
  • Gait Reflexes – How to test and correct factors that can affect walking and running, particularly helpful in athletes
  • Ileocecal Valve & Valves of Houston – ways to find and correct these important structures in the digestive tract to help clear up a myriad of health challenges
  • Dural Torque Correction – A simple technique to balance the sheath around the spinal cord than can help clear headaches, back pain and neck pain
  • General Adrenal – Ligaments – A condition that weakens ligaments throughout the body related to adrenal stress.
  • Ligament Reset – how to reset proprioceptors in the joint ligaments that are offset in sprains to improve the strength and flexibility of joints
  • Hiatal Hernia – how to balance the factors that can cause this common condition, which helps acid reflux and other digestive problems
  • Intercostal Reset Technique – a technique that can improve breathing capacity and breath holding time, which nearly everyone can benefit from
  • TMJ – how to balance the single most important joint in the body that can help correct many other imbalances, such as headaches, back pain and emotional conditions
  • Cranials – how to access and balance the cranial bones to
  • Pitch Roll & Yaw – a condition that can affect performance and result in neurological switching
  • Pelvic Categories – misalignment of the pelvis and lower back that can result in back and hip pain
  • Contralateral Joint Interlink – a method to correct pain in a joint by working on the contralateral one
  • Scar Clearing Techniques – how to clear the neural factors that can affect meridian energy flow
  • Retrograde Lymphatic – a key technique that can enhance the body’s sewer system and help a wide variety of conditions, including edema, joint problems and respiratory conditions
  • Reactive Muscles – resetting the neurological factors within the muscles
  • PNF Stretching – a method to increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Balancing According to Posture – how to look at someone’s posture and immediately know which muscles are out of balance

How You’ll Benefit

  • Build your confidence and skill in helping clients even in difficult cases
  • Know how to work smarter, not harder and get better, longer lasting results with your clients
  • Increase your income with greater value and service and attract new clients
  • Get to the source of many health issues and prevent future ones from developing
  • Receive a certificate suitable for framing acknowledging your proficiency
  • Possibly clear up some of your own health challenges
  • Have fun learning some revolutionary ways to help people live healthier, longer and more productive lives

The Online Program

This Includes:

  • 24 video classes on theory & technique you have unlimited access to.  Watch as many times as you like at your own pace.
  • Live online question and answer sessions to provide additional coaching
  • Procedural manuals and PowerPoints to give you clear descriptions of each technique


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