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Joanna Wiebe – Copy School

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Joanna Wiebe – Copy School

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The entire copywriting academy for growth-focused marketers and top-tier copywriters
You, too, can write copy that converts.
Your first challenge was creating a product or service that could be infinitely profitable. The second is figuring out how to make people who should be your customers understand that they need what you’ve got.

If you’ve written copy more than once, you know the feeling.

You sit down to write the email that’s supposed to sell people on your solution. But there’s a voice in your head reminding you how hard it was the last time you tried to write copy. And even when your copy manages to convince people, the next time you have to write copy that should convert you feel like:

You’re trying to win the lottery on command
The fact is that great copy isn’t based on luck or chance. It’s based on repeatable rules and proven processes and reliable frameworks.

That doesn’t sound very sexy. And I’m more than okay with that.

Because y’know what is sexy? Testing your data-driven copy and finding that it beats the creative stuff by a landslide. That’s sexy. The best parts of business are always – without fail – the data-driven parts. Everything else is just guesswork. And you can’t sell your boss or your clients on paying you for your guesses.

When you know how to write data-driven “conversion copy,” every part of marketing, persuasion and growth gets easier
Conversion copywriting is simply the art and science of using your words to get the YES. After studying and practicing all forms of copywriting for nearly 15 years, I’ve stripped away the mystique of copywriting to create Copy School.

Join us in Copy School to skip past the guesswork. You’ll get the frameworks, formulas, processes and repeatable techniques to plan, write and optimize copy that gets results worth bragging about. Whether you write your own copy or hire people to, you’ll perform better with a clear understanding of what makes a message succeed or fail – which you’ll find inside Copy School.

Get Joanna Wiebe – Copy School  right now!

Here’s what you’ll get inside Copy School
Whatever systems you have, whatever product or service you’re selling and whatever market you’re serving, get everything you can out of exactly what you’ve got. When you gain functional mastery over email and web copywriting in Copy School, you’ll be able to do just that. Because success comes down to how you execute.

You’ve tried guessing your way through email and web copywriting. But to get the repeatable results you want, you need repeatable processes. Each course and module in Copy School will give you a step-by-step action plan.


Your spot in Copy School guarantees you access to eight Office Hours sessions. Get four sessions dedicated to email copywriting (led by Ry). And get four sessions dedicated to landing pages and sales pages (led by Jo).


Because Copy School includes every copywriting course we offer at Copy Hackers, you’ll get 10x Emails, which comes with a review of an email you’ve written. Send us your copy, and we’ll send you back notes to optimize it.


This training is all about execution – so we skip past a lot of the theory and dive into actionable lessons. Most videos are no more than 5 minutes long. They’re supported by cheatsheets, worksheets and templates, too.

Copy School is made of our 3 core training programs
This training includes…

10x Landing Pages 2.0
Joanna Wiebe

10x Emails 2.0
Joanna Wiebe

10x Launches
This training is focused exclusively on launch copy. Based on insights and “themeplates” from dozens of launches in the six- and seven-figure range.
Get Joanna Wiebe – Copy School right now!
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Joanna Wiebe – Copy School


Joanna Wiebe – Copy School


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