Jason Capital – Instant Connection Conversations | Instant Download !

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Jason Capital – Instant Connection Conversations | Instant Download !

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Jason Capital – Instant Connection Conversations | Instant Download !


Jason Capital - Instant Connection Conversations


And undoubtedly, it’s a mindblow when you see how easy it is to do. Like if you can ask a couple questions, you can make almost anyone feel incredibly loyal and devoted to you. As lovers or friends. And they will.
The whole thing takes just a few minutes, tops. You can do it today if you want.  
If you ever don’t know what to say or if you’ve struggled to connect with new people… this is going to rock your world. 
This, I guarantee. (You maybe wonder how I am able to do that. I’ll get to that in just a moment. Let’s just say for now, I have real-word proof that’ll blow your mind..)

WARNING: In the next couples minutes, you’re gonna hear some things that are pretty controversial.

For instance…

  • Creating an instant connection, for love or business, is easy. And it sure as hell doesn’t take 17 steps…
  • It doesn’t take a long time either…
  • And it can happen with anyone – a supermodel, a millionaire, or the most-connected guy in town – as long as you’re not low-status. You don’t have to be Robert Downey Jr but you at least have to not be low-status..

Imagine for a moment what would it be like to make a lover feel so connected to you, she swears her undying loyalty to you. 

Imagine what would it be like to have your city’s most powerful people on speed-dial, knowing that if you need anything whatsoever, they’ll be there at the drop of a hat.

It can happen, in just minutes. Just follow my lead and you’ll be on your way to truly having an amazing love life, and an amazing network of influential friends.

It’s a simple recipe, with only 3 ingredients:

Most people get it all wrong.

They shine the spotlight on the other person but they act low-status when they do it and don’t even know it. (Facepalm.)

They think it’s a turbo-charged emotionally connecting conversation but in truth, it’s weaker than a dead battery. 

Imagine trying to turn the TV on with dead batteries in the remote. 

It ain’t happening. 

And don’t even get me started on Reciprocal Disclosure. 

This is something I learned from a former FBI Negotiator. And the funny part is, I USED IT ON HIM to get him to reveal all. 

(You’ll likely discover, too, this is the MOST powerful ingredient to our “instant connection” recipe.)

For you to create instant connections with anyone, we need an easy-to-follow structure that guarantees you get the recipe right every time…

When you do, people notice you immediately. Their eyes light up. You’re irresistible. The human brain is wired to respond to this. And they all respond the same: By feeling they’ve just made a lasting connection with someone – you – who’s going to be incredibly important and valuable in their life.

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