Harlan Kilstein – Instant List Method

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Harlan Kilstein – Instant List Method

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Harlan Kilstein – Instant List Method

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The instant list method is a 6 week webinar series strictly limited to 10 people at a time.
overview of instant listbuildingWeek One: Overview
We go over the method in detail and explain how it works.

We do an assessment of your situation and see exactly what your needs are.

You will be given homework to prepare for week two.

Week Two: Targetingtargetting for success
At this point we start building your list.

In fact, we can even do it on the call together.

The bounce back technique
Week Three: The Bounce Back Technique
The insanity begins. We begin the viral list building aspect of the course.

This is so elegant, you’ll have a hard time believing it’s so simple.

Facebook Advertising (And Beyond) For List BuildingWeek Four: Facebook Advertising (And Beyond) For List Building
Now it’s time to set up mechanisms for creating your hot list.

What does your list need to hear to raise their hands!

drip drip drip instant listbuildingWeek Five: Drip Drip Drip
Now it’s time to turn that hot list into raving fans.

Let’s find out what to do to rapidly position you as their hero.

It shouldn’t take FOREVER to get people to buy something.

Let’s demonstrate how easily it’s done with your new list!

Please note: The program is SOLD OUT.


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