Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – The Ultimate Soulmate Summit

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Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – The Ultimate Soulmate Summit

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Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – The Ultimate Soulmate Summit

Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method - The Ultimate Soulmate Summit

21 of The World’s Leading Relationship Experts Reveal Their Time Tested Secrets to Unleash Your Power to Manifest Your Soulmate…Discover Which One Will Work for You.

The Ultimate Soulmate Summit Seminars Will Guide You Step-By-Step Through Every Approach and Path to Attracting Love Conceivable – All From the Comfort of Your Own Home – No Need to Travel or Sit All Day In A Seminar Room!


19 “Soulmate Seminars,” each with a unique approach to manifesting love.

1. Mars & Venus on a Date: How to Navigate the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving, Lasting Relationship with Your Soulmate
With Dr. John Gray

2. Love is in the Stars: Unlocking the “Astrological” Keys to Attract Your Soulmate
With Carol Allen

3. The Chemistry of Attraction: Understanding the Science of Your Love Personality Type to Attract Your Soulmate
With Dr. Helen Fisher

4. Freedom from the Past: Using EFT Meridian Tapping to Overcome Unconscious Barriers to Love and Attract Your Soulmate Now
With Nick Ortner

5. Overcoming Guilt and Regret: How to Open Your Heart to Love Again and Experience Lasting Bliss In Your Next Relationship
With Neale Donald Walsch

6. Activating Your Heart’s Intelligence to Attract Your Soulmate: Techniques to Heal Your Heart and Become Magnetic to Your Beloved
With Dr. Deborah Rozman

7. The Shadow of the Single Life: Unblocking Your Inner Barriers and Opening Up to Love
With Debbie Ford

8. Transforming Heartache Into Magnetism: How to Make the Energetic Shift You Need to Attract a New Love
With Hale Dwoskin

9. The New Relationship Catalyst: How to Release Old Relationship Patterns and Manifest Your Ideal Soulmate and Life Partner
With Drs. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks

10. Getting in Sync with the Opposite Sex: The Secrets Men and Women Need to Know About Each Other to Create Deep, Lasting Love
With Alison Armstrong

11. Calling In “The One”: Why Preparing For Love is More Powerful Than Running Out to Try to Find it
With Katherine Woodward Thomas

12. Finding “The One” Online: How to Attract Quality Men and Understand Male Dating Behavior
With Evan Marc Katz

13. The Keys to Natural and Lasting Attraction: What Every Woman Needs to Know about How to Authentically Attract the Man and Soulmate of Her Dreams
With Christian Carter

14. Your Soulmate May Not Be Your “Type”: Understanding The Difference Between Compromise and Settling and Why This Is Critical to Finding Lasting Love
With Lori Gottlieb

15. Spiritual Partnership: How to Attract Your Divine Other and Experience a Connection Deeper than Any You’ve Had Before
With Michael Beckwith & Rickie Byars Beckwith

16. Getting to “I Do” with Your Soulmate: How to Navigate the Process of Attracting and Creating a Lasting Bond with the Right Person
With Dr. Pat Allen

17. Unlocking Your Love Code: Unleashing the Power of Archetypes to Support You In the Process of Attracting a Beloved
With Dr. Jean Houston

18. Soulmate Manifestation Secrets: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Consciously Attract the Love of Your Life
With Arielle Ford

19. Transforming Your “Love Identity” Core Beliefs to “Call In” Your Soulmate
With Claire Zammit Ph.D.

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