Grow and Convert – Buy Customers From Content

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Grow and Convert – Buy Customers From Content

Grow and Convert – Buy Customers From Content

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Grow your site traffic and drive qualified leads from content marketing

The only content marketing system designed specifically to help B2B companies create standout content and generate qualified leads in a predictable and measurable way.

This system is designed exclusively for B2B companies to help them build consistent traffic that generates highly qualified leads, and positions your company as a thought leader in your industry in a predictable, measurable way.

We’ve personally applied this system at three different B2B companies, growing their traffic from 0 to 20,000 – 35,000 unique monthly visitors (in a year or less), and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue directly attributable to content. Now, over the past 18 months, through Grow and Convert, we’ve taught the same system to dozens of B2B companies via in person workshops and over the phone multi-month programs, and helped them achieve results like this:

Outcomes you can expect from our program

We’ve assembled our system into a video and action based online training program, with options to work 1-on-1 with us in person or over the phone, so any B2B content marketer, marketing team, agency, or entrepreneur can apply it to their own business to:

  • Generate tens (or hundreds) of thousands of views every month to their blog.
  • Get better qualified traffic, so your content gets in front of your target customers.
  • Use tested conversion techniques to convert that traffic into qualified leads.
  • Build a writing team to scale content production with limited resources.

Done right, high-quality B2B content marketing can generate leads at extremely competitive customer acquisition costs (CAC), and our system will show you:

  • How to measure leads generated from content marketing so you can take the blindfolds off and know exactly what you’re getting in return from content efforts.
  • How to calculate content marketing CAC and compare it to acquisition costs from other channels like outbound sales and paid ads.

    The unique challenges of B2B content marketing

    Over the past 18 months, we’ve talked to hundreds of marketers inside different companies who’ve told us about the unique challenges they face in running content marketing for B2B businesses (e.g., software, service, agencies):

    B2B content challenge #1: “Driving the right kind of leads”

    Yes, of course B2B content marketers want traffic, but they have a unique challenge we hear about over and over again: Getting higher quality, more qualified traffic. If you’re a B2B marketer, in the end, you’re not after pageviews, you don’t sell ads and you don’t really care about the size of your email list. You want leads: a high quality, consistent stream of leads.

    B2B content challenge #2: “Creating better quality content”

    To produce qualified leads, the marketers we’ve talked to know they need to create extremely targeted, relevant, high-quality content on a consistent basis. The question is how.

    You may sell to specific roles inside of companies, such as: C-level executives, directors, or busy small business owners. In all cases, these B2B customers have tons of experience in your field. They aren’t impressed by “Top 10” posts and listicles.



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