GoodUI DATASTORIES Updated October 2017

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GoodUI DATASTORIES Updated October 2017

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GoodUI DATASTORIES Updated October 2017

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Learn from our 26 A/B testing stories worth over two years of hard optimization work – minus the effort.

You’ll Receive All Of These Detailed PDF Stories:

#26 JUN 2016

Giving The Best Price

Learn how we optimized a shopping cart with 5 variations with the use of Fewer Form Fields and 3 extra ideas you could test on your own.

#25 MAY 2016

Gradual Reassurance

Learn how to use the ideas of Gradual Engagement and Reassurances to score a win. Use of video was challanged with 5 interesting variations.

#24 APR 2016

Under 5 Days Of Pressure

Learn from a test where sales for a deal site started off well, but then disappeared in a very narrow testing time frame (5 variations).

#23 MAR 2016

A Gradually Engaging Quiz

Learn how we became skeptical of a +25% rise to Signups only to see it disappear in a retest. The test explored the idea of gradual engagement.

#22 FEB 2016

Persistence & Iteration For More Signups

Learn how we increased Signups by +22% with 8 interesting variations, lots of insights and 4 test iterations.

#21 JAN 2016

Better Than A Modal Popup

Learn how we increased Signups by +191% with 4 interesting variations, while challenging the modal popup.

#20 DEC 2015

Six Reassurances For Higher Sales

Learn how we increased Paid Signups by +17% with 4 variations, and a really interesting reassurance based UI layout.

#19 NOV 2015

When Our First Best Wasn’t Enough

In this interesting test we had to try 3 times (and 4 variations) before finding a +15% increase to Signups. Sometimes it pays to try again.

#18 OCT 2015

Improve Now, Measure Later

Learn how we increased Account Signups by +33% with a full funnel redesign, while skipping A/B testing in favor of sequential analysis.

#17 SEP 2015

Best Shot For More Signups

Learn how we increased Account Signups by +15% with a single best shot variation which surfaced key benefits.

#16 AUG 2015

Customer Reviews In A Sea Of Noise

Four customer review variations were tested to increase purchases while dealing with a low effect. Tested ideas included: Social Proof & Authenticity.

#15 JUL 2015

Failures, Retesting And 1 Winning Checkout

We wanted to see if we could lift the purchase rate even more with a series of smaller varations (including Price Illusions & Useful Calculations).

#14 JUN 2015

Some Things Need No Testing

Learn how obvious UI adjustements were separated from uncertainties that were A/B tested (using Smaller Commitments & Loss Aversion).

#13 MAY 2015

Lowest Effort First

Learn about our lowest effort test yet, that made use of Recommending & Reaffirming Freedom. Sometimes all it takes is a link change.

#12 APR 2015

Better Usability, Better Business

A follow up test to Issue #11, which applied Scarcity and multiple usability improvements to a filtering UI.

#11 MAR 2015

Skeumorphic Checkout

This test explored skeumorphism and applied some best practices such as Urgency and One Column Layouts.

Get GoodUI DATASTORIES Updated October 2017  right now!

#10 FEB 2015

Finding A Winner In Thin Traffic

A few weeks into the test it quickly became apparent that we underestimated the traffic. Here is how we dealt with the situation.

#9 JAN 2015

Covering The Basics

Some landing page basics were applied in this issue, along with gained success from Gradual Engagement.

#8 DEC 2014

May We Have Your Attention?

We explored 6 amazing Transitions & ways to increase More Contrast and share with you which ones performed the best.

#7 NOV 2014

One Thing Leads To Another

Learn from this double page test which used Benefits, Curiosity and Smart Defaults to result in two winning ideas.

#6 OCT 2014

Closing The Checkout Gap

This story shows a 3 test struggle to raise revenue, while finally achieving it by merging the Plan & Checkout pages and Exposing Fields.

#5 SEP 2014

When Words & Forms Collide

Learn how you can apply the idea of Natural Language to help increase the effectiveness of your forms.

#4 AUG 2014

A Push Towards The Better Plan

We show you how Anchoring & Price Illusions were applied to lift purchases of the most expensive plan.

#3 JUL 2014

Widening The Funnel

Learn how we used Urgency and Repeating Your Primary Action on a double page funnel test to attain a lift.

#2 JUN 2014

Third Time’s A Charm

Learn from how we applied three rounds of testing and various data to achieve trustworthy results. We also used Social Proof and Selling Benefits.

#1 MAY 2014

Our Very First Test

We show how you can apply basic form design best practices such as Fewer Form Fields, Bigger Click Areas, and Benefit Buttons.

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