GMB – Elements | Instant Download !


GMB – Elements | Instant Download !

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GMB – Elements | Instant Download !



GMB - Elements

If you’ve ever watched a talented athlete and envied their abilities, you know it’s a combination of factors that leads to that kind of performance. But when you start training, you can easily get stuck fixating on just a small piece of the puzzle.Sometimes, it’s the quest for maximal strength. Others, it’s the strict adherence to a system of skill progressions that lead towards a particular goal. Either way, you’ll eventually get stuck unless you address the right combination of abilities.

The truth is that any skill you may want to do with your body is made up of three components: strength, flexibility, and motor control.

Strength, flexibility, and control diagram
A lot of programs will make you stronger. Some will improve your flexibility. A handful will build your skills progressively.But what we’ve learned from working with tens of thousands of people around the world is that, if you lack in any one of these three elements, eventually you WILL get stuck – no matter what program you follow.
Elements is designed to fix that using our “AAA” training framework.



We developed our AAA Framework to ensure you spend your limited training time on the areas you need to improve most. Here’s how it works:

Ryan practicing a squatting posture exercise

Weeks 1 & 2
Step 1: Assess Your Abilities

During Weeks 1 & 2, you’ll learn the basic movement patterns while testing your current levels of strength, flexibility, and control.

Ryan demonstrating locomotion with elements

Weeks 3-6
Step 2: Address Your Weaknesses

Weeks 3 – 6 assign specific movement variations, transitions, and circuit training to strengthen your weakest links as efficiently as possible..

Ryan performing a monkey locomotion technique

Weeks 7 & 8
Step 3: Apply Your Skills

Weeks 7 and 8, bring you both towards a challenging and refinement of your abilities as you complete the program with all of the variations, flows, and circuits.

The AAA Framework is deceptively simple. It seems like “common sense,” but once you spend time looking at how most people train, you’ll see it’s anything but. Most programs are based on generalized assumptions about what you should practice.Since weaknesses are never identified, they can’t be adequately addressed in the training. Instead, you end up practicing exercises and skills the trainer naturally excels at. It’s truly a case of “guru knows best,” which only works for people who have the same natural abilities.

We designed Elements around three core moves that give you the specific physical attributes you need for a stronger and more responsive body that can move with fluid agility and absolute freedom in any situation.



“Animal movements” are found in the dance and martial traditions of almost every culture. Though there are thousands of variations, we’ve selected three that provide a solid base for almost any skill.



Getting “good” at Bear, Monkey, and Frogger isn’t the point. It’s how these movements help you build the capabilities you want, loosen your restrictions, and open up new ways to move. Here’s some of what Elements will help you with:

Diagram of locomotion benefits


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