Erica Glessing – Happiness Telesummit 2014

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Erica Glessing – Happiness Telesummit 2014

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Erica Glessing – Happiness Telesummit 2014

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Join legendary happiness experts, transformational speakers, and bestselling authors for what promises to be the most amazing attitude adjustment sessions you’ve experienced… in quite some time!

Enjoy Exclusive Interviews with 50 plus Fantastic Guest Speakers!

Dear Happiness Seeker,

My name is Erica Glessing and I am JOYFULLY inviting you to the Happiness Telesummit 2014: Energy, Transformation, Expression.

Join us starting The International Day of Happiness on MARCH 20 then continuing each day through APRIL 9 2014!

First up: we focus on “What is the energy of happiness?”

Next: How can I step into my most true self with a focus on producing MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION?

And THEN — Get fully into the EXPRESSION of happiness in your life, with a focus on “how to write a blog or a book or build a radio show or a telesummit, yourself.”

We have gathered the greatest speakers from all over the world for you. You are being called to shift.  We’re going to help you get joyful again!

What would full creative expression of happiness look like in your life?  How could it be even better?  Join us and it will!

The Experts and Their Sessions:

Rabia Hayek – Breath, Laughter and Life Mastery!
Rabia Hayek teaches breath, laughter and awakening your Prana/Chi energy. You may laugh with us!

Petra Kolber – The Perfection Detox
In this interview Petra shares The Perfection Detox: How to stop striving to be perfect and start celebrating being perfectly human.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo PhD – Better Than Perfect: Silence the Inner Critic
Bestselling author and PhD Elizabeth Lombardo takes us into her new book “Better Than Perfect” and shows how to feel happiness and joy, silencing the inner critic.

Debra Poneman – Near Death to Full of Life
Bestselling author and light bringer Debra Poneman has an awakening near death experience that puts the true power of your thoughts to change your life into focus.

Cory Michelle – The Secrets to a JUICY LIFE
Cory Michelle has a few secrets to happiness that give her a JUICY LIFE and she shares them with us!

Celeste Hamman – How to Step into Higher Consciousness
How to step into higher consciousness with Celeste Hamman.

Heidi Reagan – The Energy of Happiness and Expansion
Gifted and inspirational Heidi Reagan on the energy of happiness and expansion!

Rémy Chaussé – Get Out of Status Quo, Get Past Go!
Rémy Chaussé walks you through the exact steps to Get Out of Status Quo and Get Past Go in this illuminating interview.

Aymee Coget, PhD – Sustainable Happiness in Five Steps!
Happiness begins with Dr. Aymee! Aymee’s energy bounces off the walls! Love this interview!

Tarra Christoff and Maya Diamond – Marry Yourself!
The sacred ceremony of marrying oneself is shown — with brilliant insights into integrity and walking your talk.

Pat Duran – Happiness Even When You Lost Someone You Love
Medium and Access Consciousness Facilitator Pat Duran shares how to recognize signals from the other side
that our loved ones send us!

Dr. Lisa Cooney – Beyond the Continuous Suffering of Abuse
In this rare Happiness Telesummit offering, Dr. Lisa Cooney gives us tools for healing from those who abused
or simply do not respect us.

Dr. Pamela Moss – Receive Your Soul Guidance, Soul Mate!
Dr. Pamela Moss takes you deep into your soul’s wisdom to uncover guidance to find your dream life, your soulmate,
your heart’s desire!

Charita Cadenhead – Renew, Refresh, Reset Your Life!
Charita Cadenhead on finding inspiration right now, right here, so you can reset and recharge your life!

Megan Schapp – Happiness Now
Megan teaches getting centered, asking for more, feeling happiness right now amidst your life exactly as it is today!

Crystal Lynn – Happiness Grounded in Love
Love is omnipresent with Crystal, who takes you through a chakra wakening uplifting love exercise in this deeply happy interview.

Marci Shimoff – Happy from the Inside Out
Marci Shimoff shares a powerful forgiveness exercise called Ho’oponopono. It goes:I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. Marci is powerful in sharing how to listen to that inner voice, in this interview.

Oren Harris – The Synchronicity of Happiness
Oren Harris leads you into that magic place where your spirit and your physical experience meet – and synchronicity happens. Change is effortless here, in this place with Oren.

Bec Robbins – Step into Happiness
Bec Robbins teaches you to step into happiness and experience transformation in your life and business with ease, joy and grace. Her energy is amazing!

Thomas Weatherspoon – Transform Yourself, Uplift, Energize!
The Path to Magic mastertrainer Thomas Weatherspoon shares how to step up into your brightest most energized magical being that you truly already are. His High Performance Training program has been improving performances of Professional Athletes, Olympians, Artists, Educators, CEO’s, Movie Stars, Singers and more for over 28 years

Pascale Battrick – How to Free Yourself From the 9 to 5
Called “The Rainmaker” Pascale shares how to free yourself from the 9 to 5 and love what you do, every day. Pascale will share some of the techniques she used to personally overcome her biggest fear.

Deborah Ivanoff – Breaking the Happiness Ceiling
Magical process Deborah walks you through — step by step — to break ceilings that have kept you from becoming yourself.

Karen Palmer – Positively Pets and Kids
Known as the queen of kindness, Karen Palmer teaches love and practices connection with your animals, and children. How can it get any better than this?

Melinda Asztalos – What’s Right about Your Kids?
Melinda Asztalos is a gifted parenting guru and in this beautiful, uplifting and highly resonant interview she teaches you how to raise healthy, confident kids!

Denise Abda – Health in One Drop of Blood
Blood doesn’t lie, and health can happen with changes so subtle only a microscope can detect! Be inspired for health with Denise!

Donna LaBar – Loving Them Well
Donna LaBar is a healer, a gifted nutritional advisor, and her healthy lifest yle guidance transforms bodies from all walks of life.

Fred Grooms – Live with Awareness
When you know your talents, and live with awareness of your strengths, life unfolds with more grace, more joy, and you can transform your experiences into success. Enjoy the talent of motivational speaker Fred Grooms!

Janet Janssen – Change Your Mind, Change Your Habits
Yes you can change your habits, and it begins by changing your mind. Janet is a powerful change agent!

Ann Phillis – The Guidance of Soul
Allow your soul to be guided by this Australian author, teacher and energy worker!

Barry Friedman – Tap Your Vital Energy Sources
How to get clear from sugar energy and tap your own vital energy sources!

Heather Finley, PhD – The Solopreneur Makeover
The solopreneur makeover from transformation expert Heather Finley

Kaarin Alisa – The Energy of Transformation
Kaarin Alisa explains the energy of transformation!

Paula Tarrant – The Alchemy of Transition
Stand in your power, as Paula guides you to experience more joy, more life, more truth, more of everything
you came here to experience!

Alison J Kay, PhD – Summon the Energy of the Masters
This is a powerful calling on masterful energy to change your life from access consciousness diva Alison J Kay, PhD. She guides us into a meditation and miracles occur.

Elizabeth Harper – Tune into the Colors That Will Awaken Your Creative Expression
Elizabeth Harper is a vibrant creative psychic and healer who teaches you how to tune into the colors that will awaken your creative expression.

Michael Port – Declare What You Stand For
Called “an uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe and a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal, Michael Port is a New York Times Bestselling author of five books. In this interview, he talks about making an irreversible public declaration about what you stand for.

Meesha Salaria, 8 – Getting Started on Happiness Today
This 8-year-old author, speaker and spiritually gifted young woman has so much enthusiasm for life and wisdom for getting started on happiness — today!

Lynne Klippel – Build Your Book!
Lynne Klippel works with you to build your book, and her spirit and joy reaches far! She’s changed her own life since the last Telesummit and I am joyful to have her here with us today!

Cathleen O’Connor, PhD – High Heels on the Hamster Wheel
Cathleen O’Connor is a powerful speaker, inspirational spiritual coach, and a bestselling author several times over. She tell how her book was released a few times before it “made” it!

Suzie Daggett – DearSource
Suzie writes, speaks and teaches about everyday soul ~ human interactions through Source energy to elevate and enliven the spiritual and human experience.

Mike and Donna Stott – “The Hero’s Journey” Steps to Transform Your Life
In a practical yet inspirational message, Donna and Mike Stott walk us through steps to transform your life — a true hero’s journey.

Ariadne Sassafrass – Build an Elegant Telesummit
Ariadne Sassafrass, Access Conscioiusness facilitator, shares insights into building her very own telesummit — we get down to the bones so open up if you’ve been thinking about building one yourself!

Stacia Loo – Creation with Video
Stacia is a creative writer and marketing professional, and with us she shares how to open up your creative expression on video! Plus insight into her chapter in the new book “Manifest Change.”

Ralph Cortes – Through the Fire
Ralph Cortes was in gangs and did time for crimes when he was a young man, changing his life around 360-degrees. He shares how he turned his life around, and why he is motivated to help young people become all they can be by changing all that they have been.

Evelyn Fassett – “Listen to the Universal YES” Following the Universal Yes Energy
Evelyn is an energy worker, a light being, a connector and a guide. Here she shares how following the universal energy of yes can transform your life and awaken your expression.

Curtrice Goddard – Seven Steps to Alignment
Curtrice Goddard teaches Seven Steps to Alignment with juicy and amazing energy. You will love this!

Angelica Christi – A Soul Activation of Light
Angelica Christi is a soul activating heart-centered light bringer with a gift for creating sacred spaces. Her wisdom on getting your home into beauty is timeless!

Katherine Graham – Easy Steps to Brighten Up Your Life
Feng Shui guide and bestselling co-author of the book “The Happiness Chronicles, Short Stories and Recipes for a Happy Life” shares how your life can brighten with some easy steps.

Sybilla Lenz – Clear Your Space With Feng Shui
Sybilla is an inspirational author and Feng Shui master who shares how to clear your space for opportunities in this insightful and deep interview. She is so gifted! You will love this.

Sylvie Olivier – Golden Heart Wisdom
Sylvie Olivier is an alchemist who can help transform you at your deepest, cellular level to activate your own golden heart wisdom.

Belle Salisbury – Energy, Transformation, Expression of Happiness
Gifted and talented psychic medium Belle Salisbury in the grand finale interview where Belle shares energy of happiness, transformation, and expression of happiness!

About Your Host Erica Glessing
Happy Publishing CEO Erica Glessing teaches how to build your book so it can change the world.  Erica is a third generation publisher/published author. Her first book was published in 2007 “Prospect When You Are Happy,” and her second book, “Happiness Quotations,” was published in 2011. “Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness” is a lovely series of passages designed to uplift, inspire and encourage you to live an inspired day, every day.  Erica became a news reporter straight out of University of California Davis. She started at the Dixon Tribune, and rose quickly to become a writer for the Sacramento Bee. Erica covered the communities north of Sacramento heading into the foothills of Nevada City, including Yuba City, Marysville, Buttes, and Colusa. She was hired away from The Bee to write for the Santa Barbara News-Press right after the New York Times bought that newspaper. Ah, Santa Barbara! Now, that was a good place to live.  In the 1990s, Erica moved home to the San Francisco Bay Area. She became the director of public relations for KTEH Public Television, then worked for six or seven years for the family foundation of Andy and Eva Grove (Intel co-founder and his wife). Erica was the first employee for this foundation, and built it, with the family, from $1.3 million to $7 million in annual giving. What a great job that was! Erica thrived in this position, but still felt the need to grow.

“I believe that we all have a purpose, and we step into our divine purpose every time we experience beauty, love, and awareness of all that is and our oneness with creation. I get that when life is really challenging, we are forgetting our power. We may have left it behind or experienced too much pain and shut down. Healing is always available. Turn to others for healing and guidance, we are not alone!”

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