Elitemarketingpro – THE EXPERT BRANDED ENROLLMENT FUNNEL | Instant Download !

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Elitemarketingpro – THE EXPERT BRANDED ENROLLMENT FUNNEL | Instant Download !

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Elitemarketingpro – THE EXPERT BRANDED ENROLLMENT FUNNEL | Instant Download !



This class is a total of six weeks long…

Most lessons are taught live by Tim Erway and the recordings will be available inside your members area, so you can access them at any time and you don’t have to worry about missing anything. The schedule for the live classes will be available in your members area after your purchase is complete.

Here’s the curriculum:

    Week 1: Expert Branded Enrollment Foundations
    Week 2: Expert Branded Enrollment Funnel Offer
    Week 3: Expert Branded Enrollment Funnel Launch
    Week 4: Expert Branded Follow Up Machine
    Week 5: Expert Collaborative Enrollment Conversation
    Week 6: The Expert Branded Ad Strategy

Here’s What People Are Saying…

– Rebecca “Bec” Sadek

“I’ve Enrolled 9 Of The Last 15 People I’ve Talked To This Last Week”

So far, I’ve generated over 600 leads in my enrollment funnel, and had 235 qualified applicants fill out an application to work with me. I actually look forward to the conversations I have, because unlike in the past, I don’t have to sell or convince anyone. Just this last week, I accepted and enrolled 9 of the last 15 people I’ve talked too. This process works and thanks to Tim and his team, I’ve rank advanced 9 times, starting from scratch with a brand new company in under a year.

– Dawn Sullivan

“Rank Advanced 6 Times In 5 Months!”

Tim, I went live with my enrollment funnel last summer, before you had the detailed training and templates you now have with the Expert Branded Enrollment Funnel. I have a list of over 4,000 people, and I’m enrolling between 12-15 new distributors a month, which is just amazing for me. The best part is, I’ve rank advanced 5 times in the last 6 months and I’m spending less time to get better results than I ever have.

– Ann Sieg

“I Did $340,000 in Sales in One Off Promotions Using This Funnel”

It works gangbusters. We I first used this funnel, I did $340,000 in sales as one off promotions that year, not including any sales my other funnels, which run year round. I’m talking big cash surges. I just had to send an email, after the funnel was built, and boom! There’s a saying ‘It’s just as easy to close a $12k to $30k sale, as it is to close a $37 sale. Well it’s true, when you use this application funnel. It does all the sifting and sorting for you – provided your audience is targeted and messaging is on target – and you’re only on the phone with the absolute most qualified people which makes for an easy sale most of the time and anyone that doesn’t qualify for your time, gets offered something else which also monetizes them. Absolute fantastic game changer for my business.

“Just in January, I had 85 People Apply to Join My Team”

I started using an Expert Branded Enrollment Funnel about 3 years ago. I wanted to sift, sort and qualify people coming through my funnel, so I was only spending time with the most qualified people. I can tell you it is super cool to work with people who are on the same mission, vision and work ethic as you and really what it solved was not having to spend time with people who were not qualified. Now I get to cherry pick the exact people I want to work with. Just in January, I had 85 people apply to join my team. And the tech was super simple to put together. Only took me a couple of hours to put the pieces together.

“In a Span of 30 Days, We Signed Up 13 of 16 Applicants Into a $20,000 Program”

“I had a problem, which I was having trouble getting people into without having to do a bunch of webinars or events. So Tim suggested that I should give this funnel a shot. So in a span of 30 days, we got 16 applicants who applied for my program and 13 ended up signing up at a $20,000 price point. And now we’ve been running it on and off on a monthly basis and our conversions have stayed at 75-80% conversions. The whole point is that you don’t have to sell them when you get them on the phone. The call is just about talking about next steps and how we can make it happen.

“In a Few Days, I Closed 7 People Into My $7,000 Offer – Paid in Full – with This Funnel”

After a recent conversation with Tim, I implemented the Expert Branded Enrollment Funnel because I wanted to launch a more premium offer, from what I normally do. So I put together a $7,000 offer, which is the most I’ve ever charged for my services and promoted it, using this process. After a few Facebook Lives and a few emails, I had 270 decided to see if they qualified, 150 qualified and 18 people finished the application process knowing the price tag. Out of the 18, 3 couldn’t make it work, 7 people paid in full and 8 people I decided were NOT a fit. What was really cool, is that I never felt more in control of my business


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