EDUmobile Academy – Learn Google Go – Golang Programming for Beginners | Instant Download !

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EDUmobile Academy – Learn Google Go – Golang Programming for Beginners | Instant Download !

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EDUmobile Academy – Learn Google Go – Golang Programming for Beginners | Instant Download !


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This course teaches the fundamentals of programming in the Go language. Go is a language suitable for a wide variety of tasks, from systems programming to writing web servers. In this course, we’ll learn the syntax of Go, but more importantly, how to “think in Go.” While many tasks can be performed in the same ways as they are done in other programming languages, there is usually a more streamlined solution offered by Go, and that’s what we’re here to learn.

This 3-hour course is divided into four units. Topics include:

– Installing Go and verifying the installation
– Finding package documentation
– Data types and program structure
– Functions
– Loops and conditional statements
– Arrays and slices
– Maps
– Structures and pointers
– New vs. Make
– Reference types and value types
– Buffered input and output
– Initialization
– Function types and closures
– Interfaces

I hope you join me for this exciting look into one of the most powerful and elegant languages there is!

What are the requirements?

  • Will Require Google Go Tool Installtion
  • Knowledge of any Programming Language is Helpful, but Not Necessary
  • Any Linux Based Operating System, but Not Necessary

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn Data types in Google Go
  • Learn Maps and Pointers
  • Learn Loops and Conditional Statements

What is the target audience?

  • Any Fresher Who Wants to Learn Google Go
  • Expert who Needs to Brush up Google Go Knowledge

EDUmobile Academy develops high quality video training courses around topics in mobile development including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Java, Responsive Web Design and other emerging technologies.

Every course is created by an expert developer AND a trained mentor in the area of expertise.

Each course undergoes a rigorous planning, review and an internal quality check phase – to ensure that the teaching is of highest standards available online.

EDUmobile Academy was founded in 2008 when smart phones were just emerging into the market. Founder Vishal Lamba is experienced in multiple areas of digital design, mobile development and design, web technologies and digital marketing. He has a mathematics and computer science degree from Lawrence University, USA.

Vishal works closely with content creators and teachers to ensure that every course released meets the internal rigorous quality standards.

All course creators and trainers are currently based in the USA. Support for each course on Udemy is provided with quick turn around by a small team of developers and trainers.

Course Curriculum

First Section
StartIntroduction (2:43)
StartInstalling Go (5:20)
Startverify (5:48)
StartGeeting package doucmentationu (3:39)
StartData types and declarartion (8:53)
Startprogram structure with a global var declaration (6:51)
Startdeclaring multiple variables on single line (2:44)
StartItroduction to function (4:26)
StartReturning multiple values from a fuction (4:14)
StartNaming return values (2:42)
StartVariadic parameter lists (5:19)
StartRecursive functions (6:08)
Conditional statements and loops
StartFinding the average of an array (8:35)
StartFor loops part -1 (5:42)
StartRange and len of an array (5:49)
StartIf,else if,else (7:30)
StartSwitch without conditional (4:26)
StartSwitching on a variables (3:07)
StartSwich with combined cases (4:38)
Maps, Pointer and More
StartIntro to slices (7:05)
StartThe uppend function (4:40)
StartReturning a slices from a function (7:32)
StartLearn maps (10:23)
StartLearn structures (5:24)
StartIntroduction to pointers (6:39)
StartNew Lecture (5:35)
StartPassing function parameter by reference (5:38)
Functions, Methods and More
StartBuffered String Read from stdin (9:18)
StartUsing Scan and Scanln for Input (11:18)
StartStructure Initialization and Method Syntax (11:05)
StartUsing defer (3:58)
StartFunction types (3:05)
Startlosure Demo – Fibbonacci Numbers (4:39)
StartInterfaces (6:21)


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