EDUmobile Academy – C Programming for Beginners – Go from Zero to Hero | Instant Download !

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EDUmobile Academy – C Programming for Beginners – Go from Zero to Hero | Instant Download !

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EDUmobile Academy – C Programming for Beginners – Go from Zero to Hero | Instant Download !


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The C programming language has spurred many language developments since its invention by Dennis Ritchie in the early 1970s. Many modern programming languages owe their syntax to C: learning C first makes learning other languages such as Java, php, and Swift much easier. C is still a very popular programming language after over 40 years

In this course, we’ll explore the C programming language in a different way than is usually taught. We’ll start with data types (of course), then quickly dispel the mystery (and fright) that surrounds C’s most powerful element, the pointer. Understanding pointers first allows us to grasp the underlying nature of arrays and structs, parameters passed by reference, and many other things hidden by other languages but exposed in C.

The course contains five units that teach the foundations of C. Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Data types and operators

– Pointers and arrays

– Input and output

– Command line arguments

– Decisions and loops

– Functions

– Value and reference parameter passing

– Structures

– The stack vs. the heap, and dynamic allocation

– Working with linked lists

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EDUmobile Academy
EDUmobile Academy
EDUmobile Academy develops high quality video training courses around topics in mobile development including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Java, Responsive Web Design and other emerging technologies.

Every course is created by an expert developer AND a trained mentor in the area of expertise.

Each course undergoes a rigorous planning, review and an internal quality check phase – to ensure that the teaching is of highest standards available online.

EDUmobile Academy was founded in 2008 when smart phones were just emerging into the market. Founder Vishal Lamba is experienced in multiple areas of digital design, mobile development and design, web technologies and digital marketing. He has a mathematics and computer science degree from Lawrence University, USA.

Vishal works closely with content creators and teachers to ensure that every course released meets the internal rigorous quality standards.

All course creators and trainers are currently based in the USA. Support for each course on Udemy is provided with quick turn around by a small team of developers and trainers.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to C
PreviewFinding and Installing the GCC Compiler (2:31)
PreviewBasic Syntax and Hello World Program (8:38)
StartC Language Primitive Types (6:36)
PreviewMan Documentation and the Size of Function (6:12)
StartArithmetic Operators, Part 1 (5:55)
StartArithmetic Operators, Part 2 (6:49)
Arrays, Pointer and Conditional Expressions
PreviewConditional Expressions and Comparison (10:32)
StartBoolean Operators Demo (6:48)
StartIf, if..else, if..else if..else (8:33)
StartArrays Part 1 (4:55)
StartArrays Part 2 (7:43)
StartIntroducing Pointers (8:11)
StartFirst Pointer Demo (9:57)
Functions and Loops
StartWhile, do, and for loops (4:44)
StartIntroduction to Functions (8:34)
StartPass by Value and Pass by Reference (7:27)
StartDemo: Pass by Value and Pass by Reference (5:10)
StartLink to GNU C Functions
StartUsing the GCC Function List (5:21)
StartUsing Scanf for Input (7:40)
Pointers and Structures
StartPointer Arithmetic (4:06)
StartFinding Max and Min with Pointer Arithmetic (13:51)
StartStructures, the Stack, and the Heap (7:25)
StartDemo of Structures (7:41)
More on Stack, Queue and Doubly List
StartLinked List (7:09)
StartStack Demo: Basic Operations (11:46)
StartA Simple Stack Based Command Interpreter (7:05)
StartQueue Demo: Basic Operations (5:13)
StartA Simple Queue Based Task List (3:33)
StartDoubly Linked List (10:56)



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