Dr. Robert King – Assisted Living University Online Course | Instant Download !

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Dr. Robert King – Assisted Living University Online Course | Instant Download !

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Dr. Robert King – Assisted Living University Online Course | Instant Download !


Start Your Journey To A Growing, Healthy, and Profitable Residential Assisted Living Facility

You Are Not Alone…
During my pursuit of Residential Assisted Living ownership I often found himself stuck, confused and without guidance which lead to frustration and wanting to quit the process. However, I continued to push ahead and finally achieved my goal of Residential Assisted Living Ownership in 2015 when Harmony Homes we licensed

I also decided to journal every step of the way, knowing that someday, someone was going to need this same information. Once I founded Assisted Living University and begin to teach potential owners from all over the US, I also understood they would need a place of continued knowledge to access that will assist them before, during & after opening their own facility.

Ready To Open Your Facility The Right Way…
Pre-Ownership Knowledge Inside…

If you are have ever dreamed of opening your own Residential Assistant Living Facility, here is your opportunity to learn the step-by-step process to a successful opening. Once you understand the differences between a RALF and a Traditional ALF, it can directly impact your bottomline revenue and lesson your initial start up costs.

Learn My Signature Training
RALF Flow Chart

If your anything like me you need to be able to see where your going and the steps it takes to get there. In this section I teach you my Residential Assisted Living Flow Chart.

Choosing A Business Model For Your Success

Business Models For Your Facility
Making Your Facility a Profit Center

When I first began my research there was little information available and whatever little that was available was all over the place and just plain confusing. I took what was available and organized it in a simple understanding format called Business Models I – IV.In this section ofALU Onlineyou will be introduced to all 4 and can therefore make a decision which Business Model you want to open.

Managing the Day-to-Day Like a Pro

Remove The Stress
of The Daily Operation of Your Facility
Manage With Confidence

In this section, you will find the detailed documentation needed to run the day-to-day operations of your own profitable residential assisted living facility. Whether you already run a highly organized facility or you need a more focused approach this section will help. This information was created and compiled while living in and growing my own Assisted Living Facility – Harmony Homes. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your existing facility and want insights on every aspect of running a facility, Log into this section first.

Topics Included in the ALU Online Course

​Top Ten Questions On ALF Ownership
​Do I Need Solid Core Doors?
​What Type Of Facilities Are There?
​What Are Business Models I – IV?
​”This Ain’t Your Grandmama’s Nursing Home”
​Do I Need To Provide Transportation?
​Premier Concegier Treatment
​How to Prepare Your Facility For A Tour
​Ways To Open In A Home You Don’t Own
​Level 2 Background Checks
​What Makes Your Facility Different?
​Updating A Room With Bedding
​How to Discharge a Unhappy Resident
​Can I Use My Grandmothers House To Open A ALF?

Signature Training Topics Include:

​What is ALF Prospecting
​How To Develop A Prospector Mindset
​Biggest Mistake ALF Owners Make In Networking
​Who should you Talk To First to Fill Your Beds Fast
​What To Say Key The Decision Makers
​4 Most Powerful Words Every ALF Owner Must Know

It Is Absolutely Imparative That You Know The Territory In Which Your Facility Will Be Operating…

Learn My Coveted
6×6 Grid System To Get Exposure
In My Community

​Who in my community is my competition
​How to build relationship with others in my community who can help fill my facility
​Where is the nearest (Hospital, Rehab, Large Nursing Home)


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