Dr. Joseph Riggio – Accessing & Sustaining The State Of Perfection

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – Accessing & Sustaining The State Of Perfection

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – Accessing & Sustaining The State Of Perfection

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development and self improvement aim at something like the State of Perfection. One of the most recognizable is Carl Jung’s approach to analytical psychology and his approach to reconnecting the individual with the archetypal forms of human consciousness contained in what Dr. Jung referred to as the “collective unconscious” … the deep reservoir of human wisdom we all have access to when we are open and operating at our best.

The most unique essential quality of the State of Perfection is the felt sense of possibility that is accessed leading to a freedom of mind and action. This felt sense has it ground in our body based experience, what Joseph calls the somatic form. This body based experience gives rise to the story we live from, our autobiographical narrative … what Dr. Riggio refers to as the semantic form. When the somatic and semantic forms are integrated and fully expressed and experienced you will have direct access to your personal State of Perfection. This can best be described as a “pervasive sense of wellbeing” leading to effortless action in your own best interest regardless of the circumstance or situation you find yourself in … on your own and with others.

If your primary interest is in performance improvement learning to access and sustain your State of Perfection will be the single greatest asset you can build in for yourself.

The State of Performance is the Skeleton Key to Transformational Performance … The Place Where Transformational Change and Performance Breakthroughs Meet

For almost three decades Joseph has been working with both individual and organizational clients helping them to organize themselves to attain extraordinary levels of elite performance.

In personal situations one of the most obvious things that will become immediately present will be your ability to choose how you feel about things that are happening, as well as things that have happened and those you want to happen. This may show up most clearly in your life in your relationships with others … sometimes in dramatic ways.

Professionally your ability to connect deeply with others and create outcomes that had not been possible before will become common place for you, when you are operating from your State of Perfection. In addition you will find the the thread that links intention to action will become like a strongly braided rope that will contain and support even the most demanding challenges.

Accessing & Sustaining The State of Perfection
“The State of Perfection” is the “Soma-Semantic” Form” of the ideal state of “Readiness” from which anything and everything becomes possible for you …

The State of Perfection is at the heart of the transformational change model, the MythoSelf Process, created by Joseph Riggio, Ph.D.

The MythoSelf Process was designed to help clients experience and achieve performance breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. The the model is based in starting from a position of possibility that opens the pathway to the highest quality of perception, decision-making and action that you are capable of attaining … regardless of the circumstance or situation … this is the key to elite performance.

In this webcast Joseph will cover the essentials of accessing and sustaining the State of Perfection. He will demonstrate how to begin from “What Works” by tapping into positive mindset that you have access as part of a natural imprint you’re familiar with already … even if your not consciously aware of how you do that yet.

From there Joseph will then lead you through the process of amplifying and intensifying this positive state experience using the “soma-semantic” methodology he developed. This is a way of integrating your sensory experience … e.g.: what you see, hear and feel … and how you create the deep stories that contain your sensory experiences as memories and future memories.

Get Dr. Joseph Riggio – Accessing & Sustaining The State Of Perfection right now!

By the time the webcast is complete you will understand the absolute connection between your “felt sense” and how you express how you experience and feel about things verbally and non-verbally. When your deep structure of felt sense and the surface structure of the stories you have about what you’ve experienced, are experiencing and want to experience are thoroughly aligned your ability to take positive, meaningful action leading to the outcomes you desire is radically enhanced.

Very simply … in this webcast led by Joseph you will learn exactly what it takes to organize yourself in a way that you begin taking action effortlessly that’s most likely to create the outcomes you desire … and take control of how you feel about the experiences you are having regardless of who you are with or on your own.

NOTE: If you have questions you’d like Joseph to answer on the webinar you can submit them ahead of time to [email protected], or ask them on the Q. & A. portion of the webinar as well.

● Re-discover your personal State of Perfection … and how to access it effortlessly …

● Align how you access the State of Perfection and the stories you tell about yourself so you can sustain it … even when you’re in challenging circumstances or situations

● Tap into the way you naturally perform elegantly and powerfully on your own and with others

● Experience the power of aligning your internal felt sense and the way you express yourself … making taking action in your best interest automatic for you

● Reset your relationships based on the positive form that you hold when you are in your State of Perfection, and re-experince the possibility of connecting with others with zero compromise …

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – Accessing & Sustaining The State Of Perfection


Dr. Joseph Riggio – Accessing & Sustaining The State Of Perfection


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